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Here’s how conceptual clarity helped R Sharann rank 338 in KVPY

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In our recent interview with R Sharann, we got to know how important it is to have ‘conceptual clarity’ rather than mugging up the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana or KVPY 2021 syllabus. Sharann, who cleared the KVPY exam in his first attempt with a whopping 338 AIR (All India Rank), says that cracking the exam is not difficult if one has conceptual clarity in Mathematics and Science. Sharann further credits BYJU’S for his success and adds that the app’s video lessons, clubbed with his studying method, helped him crack not just KVPY but also JEE Mains with 98.96%. Read his story and find out his preparation strategies to crack competitive exams.

How R Sharann cracked KVPY 2021

I never made any study timetables!

“I am not a person who will make a timetable for each day,” says this 17-year-old. “I would rather make a study strategy and work accordingly.” We asked him to elaborate. He says, “I plan the portion that needs to be covered a month in advance and then I strictly follow it. Even while preparing for exams, I never had to memorise concepts or study at the last minute. For example, if I had an exam this month, I would have prepared for it two months in advance. This method has been quite helpful for me in preparing for my school exams as well as competitive exams like KVPY and JEE Mains.”

“The competition was never between me and the first rank holder in my school. I was always my own competitor, and that’s what kept me pushing to do better.” 

– R Sharann on cracking KVPY

BYJUS - The Learning App helps Sharann prepare for this class 12 broad exams as well as competitive exams

BYJUS – The Learning App helps Sharann prepare for this class 12 broad exams as well as competitive exams

For Sharann, it doesn’t matter for how many hours he studies in a day until and unless he finishes that day’s portion. “There have been days where I have studied for 10-12 hours, and then there have been days where I had studied for four hours only. For me, it doesn’t matter how much time I invest in learning a topic until I understand the concept behind it. For me, effective learning and understanding the topics is more important than following a scheduled study time and not being able to concentrate completely, he says. 


Elaborating on his study strategies, Sharann shares some tips for students preparing for KVPY and board exams:


  1. The questions in the KVPY exam can be tricky and indirect. To answer the questions correctly, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the concepts.
  2. Try to relate the concepts you study with real life examples. Since I mostly self-study, I depended on BYJU’S – The Learning App. The app helps in clearing my concepts in Maths and Science with some practical examples which I can easily relate to.
  3. For preparing Biology, read the N.C.E.R.T book thoroughly and prepare well. At times, certain biological names can turn out to be real tongue-twisters. My advice would be to find your own method of remembering those terms. 
  4. Give extra focus on Organic Chemistry, as a lot of tricky questions come from this part. For solving Inorganic Chemistry, read the N.C.E.R.T book thoroughly and practice sample papers
  5. In Mathematics, a lot of application-based questions are asked, which can be time consuming. Hence, it is important to understand the concepts well and practice a lot to crack such questions. Practice maths a lot. 
  6. Make sure to practice a lot of sample papers, question banks and past question papers. Along with that, BYJU’S also provides mock KVPY test papers.
  7. Time management is very important in KVPY and JEE exams. Solving practice papers using a timer helped me a lot.
  8. Avoid any last-minute study and keep your mind calm and composed for these competitive exams. 
  9. Lastly, destress yourself by taking mini-breaks and indulging in your favourite activities. I love cycling, and during my breaks, I would go on long rides to relax.

Science all around him!

Hailing from ‘India’s Little France’ – Puducherry, R Sharann is in love with the world of Science and aspires to become a doctor one day. We asked from whom he draws this inspiration and he straightaway credits his parents and his sister. He says, “With my father being an engineer and my mother a technical officer at JIPMER Puducherry, I have been privileged to grow up in an environment where Science and reasoning played an important part. Along with that, I have closely seen my sister prepare for NEET and then MBBS. She has been a very strong motivating factor in my decision to pursue a career in medicine,” he signs off.

We wish Sharann all the best for his upcoming NEET exam and we are sure that he will crack this exam too with great marks. 

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