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How is BYJU’S fulfilling this NEET aspirant’s dreams

Team StoryWeavers|February 6, 2020|

You are just a few days away from your final exams! You’re busy going through your syllabus, reading, and revising concepts. While you’re confident in most subjects, there might be some topics that are giving you a hard time. Many-a-time, you feel you have learned all the concepts from those subjects, but during exams, you cannot recall what you’ve studied.

It is not only you who is in this dilemma. Until recently, Kerala’s Prem Siddharth was in the same boat. Prem has been a topper all his life. But when he reached 11th grade, things began to change. Being a science student, Prem found it hard to understand certain concepts in chemistry. Things went south when Prem scored only 50 percent in chemistry in his term paper. But with the help of visual learning, he went from scoring 50 to 97 percent in chemistry, and also scored 95 percent in physics in his 12th boards, topping his school in the subject

Watch him share his tips on smart studying, his love for learning and how BYJU’S-The Learning App is playing a crucial role in his success.

Fulfilling his dream with BYJU’S

There are very few children who know what they want to be from a young age. Prem is one such child. His dream to become a doctor instilled in him a love for learning from a young age. 

Prem’s curiosity to learn and his struggles with chemistry led him to discover the BYJU’S App a year ago. The app helped him get clarity on each concept by breaking them down into sub-topics and explaining the fundamentals behind them. With the app’s visual lessons and his timetable, soon he saw a change in his studies as well as marks.

From 50% in chemistry, Prem went on to score a whopping 97% and topped his school in physics by scoring 95%!

Exam tips from the topper 

Create a proper study plan: Identify your tough subjects and spend extra time studying the topics in those subjects. You can start by clubbing one tough subject with an easy one. This will help you relax and study. 

Understand topics instead of rote learning: It is important to understand your topics instead of memorizing them. Once you understand the concepts right, you can answer any questions related to the topic easily. I use the BYJU’S app to understand my concepts, as it helps in breaking down the topics into subtopics. This leaves no room for doubts or confusion. 

Make your own mnemonic: Mnemonic is a great way to remember the names of the topics,  chemical formulas or equations. The best part is that there is no rule for creating mnemonics, and it is super fun. 

Set a revision plan: A revision is a must for you to ace your exams. Revise your topics thoroughly. You can also chart out a weekly revision routine and allocate subjects according to your difficulty level. 

Prepare with a timer: Right before your exams, it is crucial to complete mock papers with a timer. This will help you in increasing your problem-solving speed and complete the question paper on time. 

The Team StoryWeavers wishes him all the best for his NEET exams.

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