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What keeps BYJU’S student Karthik going?

Team StoryWeavers|September 24, 2019, 10:08 IST| 70

This is the story of an 11-year-old student who loves to build robots and conduct science experiments.

Welcome to the world of seventh-grader Karthik Bhan.

Karthik believes learning is a process of gaining theoretical knowledge and applying it in our daily lives. During our interaction with Karthik, he revealed more about his aims, inspiration, and what learning means to him.

“Learning and its application go hand-in-hand. I live by this thought by conducting experiments. Recently, at school, I learned about acids and bases. To understand it better, I prepared a turmeric paste card as turmeric is a natural indicator of acids and bases. Turmeric turns red when dipped in a base solution and doesn’t change colour in acid solution. With the help of this indicator, I tested the acidity of many solutions,” he said. This small experiment helped Karthik understand his science lessons better.

Aim in life

Considering his unique stance on learning, we were curious to know his ambition. “I am in two minds now. I want to be a scientist or a YouTube gamer! You know why? I love experimenting and understanding the science behind the experiments. And, YouTube gaming is my interest, and I would love to tutor gamers,” he said. To be a scientist or a YouTube gamer takes hard work and effort, but all along Karthik’s confidence remains unparalleled.


When we asked Karthik who inspired him the most, he said, “Anand Kumar of the Super 30 programme. Kumar got an opportunity to study at Cambridge University. As he could not afford the fees, he had to give up his seat at the prestigious varsity. Then, he started the Super30 program, where he offers free IIT coaching to poor students. “Despite the name and fame, Kumar, stays grounded and that is what inspires me,” said Karthik.

Contextual understanding is the key 

Understanding concepts is the need of the hour. “When you know why you’re studying a particular concept, you are keen to understand the workings of it,” he said. “The engaging videos on BYJU’S-The Learning App help me understand concepts. And the quizzes at the end of each concept help me evaluate my understanding of the concept. I am glad that BYJU’S helps me prepare for new topics and revise the old ones,” Karthik signs off.

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Samarth umdekar

March 7, 2021

I also want to become a scientist and a gamer best of luck to you

Vanshika Chauhan

September 17, 2020

Byju’s is a very good app and I didn’t like it and I also study with this like that this is my favourite app at all and I always study with this app only


July 25, 2020

Karthik even you are 11 you are very good knowledge. Thank you for giving a good message.

Harshita Sharma

April 26, 2020

Me too love playing quizzo


April 21, 2020

Nice ?

pravalika chandra mohan

March 10, 2020

even i like to play quizo and i think once how much knowledge i have and one one time i think i want to improve my knowledge. and karthik’s story is very inspiring good and keep it up and continue like this.THANK YOU

Yashwanth s

January 27, 2020


Yashwanth s

January 27, 2020

U are blessed,good keep it up
I have a doubt that how to be motivated always

Tanishka Tyagi

January 10, 2020

I like to play quizzo with others and testing my knowledge and winning it is great, to make my score higher!and i love byjus too !


December 6, 2019

I really love byjus as it helped me to understand all the topics before it is taught in school and so I am relaxed while the teachers are teaching…….thnx byjus


December 4, 2019

I like idea of quizoo it tests my knowledge

Alexander Singh

December 1, 2019

Hello Karthik you are doing well


November 24, 2019

Very good you will become a great man

B Paul Agnes

November 23, 2019

I agree with tarunasri. We are inspired through u Karthik . You’ve done a great job Karthik . You cracked it. ?????

Dania rose

November 18, 2019

Karthik……well done


November 18, 2019

I like to play quizzo with others because I will learn more than the concepts given in the application

Naveen Bennur

November 18, 2019

Very good Karthik you inspired to all, by your extraordinary talent.


November 17, 2019

Thank you kartik for being an inspiration you are great .


November 17, 2019

Hi kartik you are an inspiration for Indian children you are great.


November 17, 2019

Hi Kartik i am medhansh i am also inspired by you you are very great .


November 17, 2019

You are the one who help me to give tips for my daily life.
I love to study in byjus as it contains many quizzes and tests for checking ourselves.


November 17, 2019

Keep it up

Nehal surve

November 16, 2019

Brilliant idea to us. Very nice!


November 15, 2019

Very nice Kartik you inspire me alot

Hiral shukla

November 15, 2019

Very good kartik. It inspired me a lot. Keep going!


November 14, 2019

Wow Karthik !!

Lata Saini

November 14, 2019

Study Well Karthik Keep IT Up

Ritika Singh

November 14, 2019

Thanks Kartik for this beautiful tips???

Harshavardhan sahu

November 14, 2019

I want to play quizzo

Ibraheem khan

November 14, 2019

Nice.. Kartik.. Keep it up.

Ayush agarwal

November 14, 2019

Learning byju’s is fun I understand
the concept very easily and what
I are glad to know each and every
single concept detailed used in a
very simple and practical or in the
form of game at all byju’s amazing!

Tarun Ramesh

November 12, 2019

Cool, Karthik. You rock!

Aniket deshwal

November 12, 2019


Aniket deshwal

November 12, 2019

Nice Kartik well-done keep it up


November 12, 2019

Nice inspiration from you Karthik

Subhra Chakraborti

November 12, 2019

I also want to bea a scientist…
Thank you BYJU’S for giving me a inspiration.
Keep it up Kartik…


November 12, 2019

I ? byju’s, the learning app. It is my study companion. According to me,byju’s teachers are the world’s best teachers.

Aashwin J Srampickal

November 11, 2019

very nice inspiration…..

Srijita Moitra

November 11, 2019

I got inspired by it. Great ??

Trisha Chaturvedi

November 11, 2019

Really Kartik your tips are amazing ??


November 11, 2019

Good nice inspiration person
Be a good scientist in future


November 11, 2019

I thank byjus for making me what I’m and of course a better learner
For life. In the byjus application I would like giving tests in the biology subject
And playing a wonderful game that is the quizzo


November 11, 2019

Hi Karthik! keep it up and I also play quizzo at the end of the day


November 11, 2019

I can under stand all the consepts and i like to play quzzo

Priyam Bhatt

November 11, 2019

I love to play Quizo wt others
And the way that Byju’s teacher is explaining
And solving my doubt


November 11, 2019

Kartik you are so intelligent keep it up


November 11, 2019

Good keep it up


November 11, 2019

Nice work and good inspiration for others too..


November 11, 2019

Keep it up kartik nice job ?☺?

Danithza mable

November 11, 2019

Great Karthick ur speech inspiring others


November 11, 2019

He has really given good tips.

Mohammed Almas Khan

November 10, 2019


Anjali Gupta

November 10, 2019

Very nice karthik l also love play quizzo at end of the day


November 10, 2019

Great ~ It really motivates me lot !


November 10, 2019

Hi karthik I am Autri..Like you I am also a science fanatic.I love studying chemistry..I make and explore chemicals
I am interested in making indicators..recently I boiled some China rose and used my indicator

Madhu nirala

November 10, 2019

Very inspiring kartik.keep it up.


November 10, 2019

Karthik was a role model for us

Keshav Jain

November 10, 2019

My marks


November 10, 2019

Good job Karthik you had inspiration of Anand Kumar


November 10, 2019

Really karthik you are very great and inspiring.

Vanshika Sharma

November 10, 2019

Keep up your good work, I wish you will be a scientist


November 10, 2019

BYJUS has engaging vedios which makes concept easy to understand.


November 10, 2019

Hi Karthik good.keepit up. study well


November 10, 2019

Nice kartik! Keep it up!

Sarthak khobragade

November 10, 2019



September 3, 2019

Great very inspiring Karthik


September 2, 2019

I love to play qizzo with others and testing myself. After the
lesson completed, I like to test myself to know how much knowledge I have learned


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