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What keeps BYJU’S student Karthik going?

Team StoryWeavers|August 22, 2019|

This is the story of an 11-year-old student who loves to build robots and conduct science experiments.

Welcome to the world of seventh-grader Karthik Bhan.

Karthik believes learning is a process of gaining theoretical knowledge and applying it in our daily lives. During our interaction with Karthik, he revealed more about his aims, inspiration, and what learning means to him.

“Learning and its application go hand-in-hand. I live by this thought by conducting experiments. Recently, at school, I learned about acids and bases. To understand it better, I prepared a turmeric paste card as turmeric is a natural indicator of acids and bases. Turmeric turns red when dipped in a base solution and doesn’t change colour in acid solution. With the help of this indicator, I tested the acidity of many solutions,” he said. This small experiment helped Karthik understand his science lessons better.

Aim in life

Considering his unique stance on learning, we were curious to know his ambition. “I am in two minds now. I want to be a scientist or a YouTube gamer! You know why? I love experimenting and understanding the science behind the experiments. And, YouTube gaming is my interest, and I would love to tutor gamers,” he said. To be a scientist or a YouTube gamer takes hard work and effort, but all along Karthik’s confidence remains unparalleled.


When we asked Karthik who inspired him the most, he said, “Anand Kumar of the Super 30 programme. Kumar got an opportunity to study at Cambridge University. As he could not afford the fees, he had to give up his seat at the prestigious varsity. Then, he started the Super30 program, where he offers free IIT coaching to poor students. “Despite the name and fame, Kumar, stays grounded and that is what inspires me,” said Karthik.

Contextual understanding is the key 

Understanding concepts is the need of the hour. “When you know why you’re studying a particular concept, you are keen to understand the workings of it,” he said. “The engaging videos on BYJU’S-The Learning App help me understand concepts. And the quizzes at the end of each concept help me evaluate my understanding of the concept. I am glad that BYJU’S helps me prepare for new topics and revise the old ones,” Karthik signs off.

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