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Learn How To Make Maths Easy From A Gold Medalist!

Team StoryWeavers|January 30, 2020|

“One day, two of my friends started fighting in school. Just when things were getting worse, I stepped in and resolved their fight. I calmed them down, made them friends again, and solved their problem.” Sounds like an anecdote from a grown-up right? But that’s Prathamesh Chandorkar, a sixth-grader from Mumbai!

This all-rounder from Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan International School has many feathers in his cap – a gold medal in maths, all-round proficiency in cricket, and stellar artistic skills. But the most defining part of his personality is his curiosity and love for problem-solving that shows in everything he does.

Take his favourite subject maths, for example. Prathamesh says, “Maths is a lot of fun for me because you get to solve a problem like a puzzle.” He goes on to add, “Figuring out what the answer to an addition or subtraction problem could be, is what makes me curious to solve it.”

Now that’s a different take on the subject!

Prathamesh’s curiosity drew him to maths when he was just six years old. This curiosity instilled a love for problem-solving in this confident sixth-grader. Today Prathamesh has honed his maths skills and has earned a gold medal in the Maths Olympiad conducted in his school in his very first attempt! 

BYJU’S – The Learning App turns out to be the trusted learning companion for this sixth-grader. He believes that the video lessons in the app help him understand maths concepts much better than what he can learn on his own. “Study videos simplify the topics for me, and it shows me ways to solve questions that are different from what I already know,” says Prathamesh eagerly.

When asked if he has any suggestions to help other students with improving their maths skills, these were his golden tips:

Pay close attention when a concept is explained and, after that, solve sample questions related to the topic. Only when you solve questions can you understand the topic fully.

This inquisitive problem-solver hopes to become a computer engineer when he grows up. “The world is increasingly becoming hi-tech,” he says, “and at some point, this technology will have problems too. I want to solve that.”

You don’t often come across the love for curiosity and learning in its pure form the way you do in Prathamesh. Team Storyweavers wishes this bright young Mumbaikar all the very best in his pursuit to problem-solve his way to the top!

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