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Add Passion, Multiply Success – Pursue a Career in Maths!

“The only way to understand Mathematics is to do Mathematics” – Paul Halmos, American-Hungarian mathematical statistician For those of you...

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What’s Shreejeet’s secret to scoring 98.6% in the board exams?

When the CBSE class 10 results were announced earlier this year, Kharagpur’s Shreejeet Mishra had more than just one reason...

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What Is Vibha’s Secret To Acing Science And Arts?

Science or arts? Students many-a-time tend to pick one between the two. But for Vibha Ajmera from Pune, science and...

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Learn How To Make Maths Easy From A Gold Medalist!

“One day, two of my friends started fighting in school. Just when things were getting worse, I stepped in and...

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