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What Is Vibha’s Secret To Acing Science And Arts?

Team StoryWeavers|April 08, 2020, 12:42 IST|

Science or arts? Students many-a-time tend to pick one between the two.

But for Vibha Ajmera from Pune, science and arts are both a huge part of her life!

What motivates Vibha to explore the arts, you wonder? “I started with trying my hand at arts to help my mom in her craft business as it used to get very hectic for her. And now I enjoy it!” says this seventh-grader. “She picked up these art skills by observing me, and now she does the job better than me!” says mom Bhavana Ajmera beaming with pride. 

When it comes to the science side of things, computers are Vibha’s forte. In fact, she is so adept at understanding them that she teaches the students in her class about computers!

BYJU’S-The Learning App has given this young student a whole new visual way of learning. “The videos in the app help me retain the information much better,” says Vibha. Studying from BYJU’S has also given Vibha the confidence to answer in class, something that she used to be hesitant about. And that’s not all, BYJU’S is a part of Vibha’s life offline too! She has a whole community of friends who use the learning app. These friends come together and discuss which lessons to study and which quizzes to crack!  

It’s inspiring seeing students like Vibha who focus on so many pursuits! Be it lending a helping hand to her parents, learning a new craft, or studying, Vibha brings her 100% to all of it.

Watch her full story here!

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