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National Mathematics Day | Journeying through the magic of maths with BYJU’S Team Lead

Team StoryWeavers|December 22, 2023, 11:30 IST|
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As the nation marks National Mathematics Day, commemorating the birth anniversary of India’s revered mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, we turn to the bright minds at BYJU’S to navigate this numerical journey. For this BYJUite, the joy lies in unravelling complex figures and the electrifying “Eureka” moment when solutions emerge from the mathematical mist, causing every mathematician’s heart to skip a beat.

Meet Christina Vasanth, Team Lead- Training at BYJU’S. In a tête-à-tête with Christina, we embark on an adventure, fueled by her unbridled passion for mathematics. Beyond formulas and theorems, she carries a torch for making learning an enjoyable experience for math learners. Christina believes that within every convoluted equation lies the thrill of discovery—a ‘Eureka’ moment waiting to be unveiled

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The BYJU’S odyssey

Christina shares her initial experience at BYJU’S, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to enhance her teaching skills and make math enjoyable for students. She started as a Learning and Development Specialist, fostering connections with students and colleagues that evolved into a close-knit family.

“I joined BYJU’S as a Learning and Development Specialist, which involved teaching students from grade 4-10, making sure they enjoy learning various Mathematical concepts. It was a great journey as I not only got to build a good rapport with my students but was also blessed with amazing colleagues, who I now get to call my closest friends and family,” shares Christina. 

After 1.5 years, the transition to the Mathematics Training Team and then Team Lead, Training under strong leadership opened up new avenues for mentorship and guidance, allowing Christina to contribute to the development of tutors and, in turn, impact millions of learners across the country. “Being in this team meant having the privilege to guide and mentor many more tutors, helping them reach their true potential and moulding them to become the best teachers for their learners.”

Passion for Mathematics

Christina reflects on her voyage into mathematics, citing influential teachers and a love for problem-solving. Her transition from being a student to a teacher began at a young age when classmates recognised her talent.

“I always loved the rush of adrenaline when I solved a math problem. The joy and satisfaction of writing “Hence proved” or having “LHS = RHS” is inexplicable. I started as a young 9-year-old, teaching her classmates how to apply the BODMAS Rule or how to add decimals, and here I am, 17 years later, being blessed with the opportunity to make students fall in love with Math, while ensuring they understand the HOW and WHY behind WHAT they learn.” 

Engaging Mathematics learning at BYJU’S 

To make learning enjoyable, Christina emphasises putting herself in the students’ shoes and starting from the basics. The BELT Rule is a guiding principle for effective teaching. “Children learn best when they understand the reason and logic behind every step of the solution!” Addressing the perception that mathematics is challenging, Christina stresses its logical nature and the simplicity of step-by-step methods. The BELT rule, focusing on Basics, Encouragement, Logic, and Thinking more, is the key to breaking down complex concepts.

To stay updated, Christina and the BYJU’S math team engage in in-depth research, observe tutor sessions, and identify learning difficulties. Blending edtech intricacies with a personal touch creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment. “By integrating technology smartly, we as educators, can create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that caters to diverse learning needs and prepares students for the demands of the digital age.”

Leveraging edtech for learning

The Team Lead highlights the role of edtech in making mathematics universally accessible, saying “Mathematics, often hailed as the “universal language”, boasts of principles consistent across cultures, making it remarkably accessible. One aspect of edtech that I cherish, is its ability to empower students to learn at their own pace, free from judgment. It provides equal opportunities and diverse learning options to cater to individual needs.” 

BYJU’S Interactive platforms, educational games and 2-Teacher Model have enhanced our grasp of complex concepts. This learner-centric approach sparks curiosity, supported by A/V animations and creative teaching methods, leading to increased interest and retention. Edtech transforms the perception of subjects (like surface area and volume), shifting from rote memorisation to a deeper understanding of the “Why and how” behind each concept.

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Team Lead – Training role at BYJU’S 

Christina encourages those aspiring to join BYJU’S, emphasising the opportunity to refine their teaching skills, explore innovative methods, and be part of a supportive work culture that values ideas. “Join us if you wanna make a difference. Let us aim to remove the fear of Math from the next generation of students, and let us keep trying hard until we succeed!”

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