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How BYJU’S pushed the envelope in Maths learning in 2022 | National Mathematics Day

Team StoryWeavers|December 22, 2022, 11:16 IST|
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National Mathematics Day

Numbers and Maths are among the first things a child learns and it is mathematics that drives a significant part of their education forward. In real life and popular memes, it is also a subject that is perceived as tough-to-understand. But with cutting-edge innovation and best-in-class learning techniques, BYJU’S has revolutionised the way children learn and experience mathematics over the years. And 2022 has been no different!  

To ensure that all our teachers have the finest resources at their disposal to deliver the best learning experience, BYJU’S has been continuously upgrading the experience on all our learning products. This National Mathematics Day, BYJU’S Assistant Vice President of Curriculum and Learning Experience, Ravi Pingali, breaks down some of the key innovations in our Maths segment that pushed the envelope in 2022. 

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Innovations to enhance student experience

We aim to provide an experiential learning experience, where students are not just taught Maths concepts but can truly immerse in them,” says Ravi. “We have now implemented applets all across our live Maths segment to help students understand and learn better,” he adds. Applets have enabled our Maths teachers to deliver an engaging learning experience. 

“In several cases, what is being taught at school could be different from what is being taught in BYJU’S classes. To avoid this disparity and guide students towards having a better grasp on the subject, we have introduced modularisation, where they can choose what topic they would like to study first or focus more on,” he says. 

Enhanced learning has been a priority for recorded lessons as well. “We have introduced prompts in the recorded lessons to encourage students to revisit concepts, whenever needed. With the help of multiple practice exercises and tests, we have suitably optimised their learning experience,” explains Ravi. 

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Ensuring teachers have best-in-class resources

An excellent learning experience entails providing teachers with best-in-class resources. “Teachers can now directly annotate on the applets and make the lessons more personalised and interactive,” says Ravi. They can further personalise the lessons by taking into account every student’s uptake and retention speed. 

“We have also done extensive user-level testing in 2022,” he says, adding, “And we plan to make the lessons even more seamless and captivating than ever before; this will be implemented in 2023.” 

Innovation has been synchronous with BYJU’S and 2022 has been no different. Aiming to reach students across the world with our cutting-edge products, BYJU’S continuously strives to enhance its immersive learning experience. Our Maths products have been game-changers for millions of learners across the world and we will continue to push the boundaries.

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