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Looking beyond lessons is Madhu Madhi

Team StoryWeavers|July 10, 2019|

“Imagine being lost in the wild, and all you can hear is the echo of your own voice. Wouldn’t it be handy if you know the surrounding flora and fauna well? Science can be so useful at such dire times. But to practically apply science, you need to understand the concepts behind it.” Hearing a 13-year-old teenager talk with so much understanding and clarity of the world surprised us.

Meet, P Madhu Madhi, a student of SBOA School, Chennai. An eighth-grader, Madhu is an avid animal lover and plans on becoming a doctor. Team StoryWeavers spoke to this energetic, confident teenager, and learned about her learning experiences with BYJU’S.

A girl with a vision 

Madhu has always wanted to do something for the welfare of people and animals in distress. She once rescued a stray squirrel, which is now her pet. This burning desire has motivated her to take up science and prepare for a career in medicine. Her parents play a vital role in encouraging and giving her the much-needed boost to take on the world. P Vijaya, her mother, shares, “We take education seriously and encourage Madhu to be a self-learner. She wants to pursue a career in medicine, and we’re helping her realise her dream.” 

On finding a new learning platform 

Madhu is an all-rounder who loves to paint, dance and write poetry. While she’s trying to balance her hobbies and studies, at times, she struggles with math concepts and formulas. This difficult task is made easy with BYJU’S. The learning app is the perfect fit for her requirements. 

“Even tough subjects become easier when you understand concepts well, and BYJU’S teaches concepts very well!”

Madhu’s daily study planner is proof of her dedication and hard work. She says, “My study timetable is a blend of one tough subject with an easy one along with my regular homework. Once I am through with these, I brush up my topics in science and math on BYJU’S App. The animated video lessons and test papers help me keep all my doubts at bay.”

Here are a few tips from Madhu on smart learning:

  1. Prepare a weekly timetable and follow it religiously.
  2. You can blend one tough subject with an easy one for each day. 
  3. If you’re weak in math, make sure you include it in your daily timetable.
  4. Make short notes for your topics. These notes come handy when you prepare for exams. 
  5. Enjoy what you study and not just for exams.

With the help of BYJU’S – The Learning App, Madhu is breaking boundaries and cruising her way towards a bright future. We wish her the best for all her future endeavours. 

Click here to watch our one-on-one interview with this energetic 13-year-old teenager

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