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How did Zaid Waseem become a self-learner?

Team StoryWeavers|September 17, 2019|

Imagine you are being taught about evaporation in class. Your teacher has taught you the concept through a diagram on the board, and you enjoyed it. Later, you realise that you couldn’t recall what evaporation was all about. In such situations, wouldn’t you be happy to have a constant study companion who can help you learn concepts in an unforgettable manner?

Until recently, for 10-year-old Mohammad Zaid Waseem Khan, his study companion was none other than his mom. But now, BYJU’S – The Learning App has taken that mantle. Zaid, a fourth-grader at St Francis World School, Meerut, takes part in various science activities at school and strives to excel at them. Team Storyweavers spoke to Zaid to get a sneak peek into his day, and here’s what we found out. 

Zaid’s day begins at 6 am, and he is off to school at 7 am. He returns in the evening to enjoy an hourly game of football or cricket with his friends. Zaid spends the rest of the evening with his favourite learning companion – BYJU’S. In Zaid’s words, “BYJU’S is my favourite learning companion. The visual representation of a concept helps me understand it better. The real-life examples in the videos are relatable, and the way the concepts are being taught keeps me hooked to the app and my lessons.”

Nahid Khan, the proud mother of this fourth-grader, calls him smart, sharp, and intelligent.“I always preferred to teach Zaid on my own rather than sending him to tuitions. But now, I am more than happy to let him learn from the app. I have realised that I can make a mistake or skip a topic, but that never happens with the app. BYJU’S helps Zaid have a better understanding of the topic and thereby makes both our lives easier.” 

For Team Storyweavers, it is encouraging to see how a parent gives a thumbs up to BYJU’S and appreciates the way it is working towards making their child a self-learner. With the regular use of BYJU’S, Zaid is gaining an in-depth understanding of the concepts. Also, the bigger picture is that Zaid is edging towards becoming a life-long learner. We wish him good luck in his endeavours! 

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