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Summer Camp’21 Contest: What’s The Future That You See?

Team StoryWeavers|May 28, 2021|

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” — Peter Drucker

With most of us being confined within our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is every reason to come up with ideas to keep our creative juices flowing! 

And that is precisely why BYJU’S Summer Camp’21 brings to you an amazing contest to test your capacity for creative thinking and innovation. 

Express your ideas through a colourful drawing based on the theme “What’s The Future That You See?”

Show us what comes to your mind when you think of the world in the future. It could be flying cars, domestic robots, industries running on bioenergy or pills that can replace whole meals! It could be anything! 

Express your ideas and win exciting goodies!


Hurry! Last day to submit is June 15, 2021.

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Raza Mehdi

As a true introvert, Raza Mehdi shudders at the thought of having to expose very much of himself willingly and with malice-aforethought. Writing online since 2008; fiction, poetry, and articles on science, politics, humour and history. When he is not working, he is either trekking in mountains or sleeping. In his own words, the most apt description of him would be: Biryani on social media, daal chawal in person.

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