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Doing your bit to keep your family and yourself safe during the Pandemic

Team StoryWeavers|January 25, 2022, 17:32 IST|

Doing your bit to keep your family and yourself safe during the Pandemicimplement yourself

The pandemic has been raging on for well over a year now and it has affected practically everyone in the entire country. During the beginning of the pandemic, people used to strictly follow social distancing norms and personal hygiene measures ardently. But as with anything that persists for such a long time, we tend to let loose after a while. Experts tell us that the COVID-19 virus that we are facing today is not the same one that was spotted at the beginning of the pandemic. It seems with time the virus has mutated into different variants, with some being more potent than others.

What can I do to help?

The health care machinery of the country is working hard to contain the spread of the virus – doctors, nurses and support staff included. You do not have to be a doctor or part of the medical support staff to help slow down the spread of the virus! You can do your bit and start with your little contribution while you stay at home. Here are some effective ways to keep your family and loved ones safe.

Maintain social distance:

Something that has been recommended by all health professionals is maintaining social distance. When meeting people from outside the family try to maintain a two-meter perimeter from them. In the unfortunate likelihood of that individual being infected your chances of contracting the virus are significantly reduced.

Saying no to visitors wherever applicable:

Trying to get things done on the phone or online as much as possible should be a priority for you and your family. If it’s something that you want delivered, you could use a contactless courier service or if it has something to do with payments you could use online channels instead of dealing with cash. Try to get things done without coming into contact with visitors as much as possible.

Outdoor games will have to wait:

Staying indoors for extended periods can be extremely hard but it does pay given the situation. It helps if you remain away from anybody who could potentially transmit the virus. Try indoor games for now. We know you must miss your friends a lot, so make some time for a virtual meet-up if possible. You could even try some of our easy-to-perform DIY activities.

Proper use of personal protective equipment:

Your mask is your first line of defence against the virus. Wear your mask properly and not below the nose. This applies at all times when you have to face anybody from outside your home. According to the US Centre for Disease Control, double masking reduces exposure to Covid-19 by nearly 95 per cent. 

Personal hygiene

Strictly follow personal hygiene rules like avoiding touching your nose, eyes and face. Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, ideally into your elbow. Frequently wash your hands with soap and sanitise when you come into contact with possibly contaminated objects. Isolate yourself and stay at home if you’re not keeping well to prevent the spread of infections.

Home hygiene

Home hygiene should be as much of a priority as is personal hygiene. Objects that come in frequent contact – like doorknobs, chairs, handrails, tables, keys, trash bins etc. – should be disinfected at regular intervals. Always make sure to keep all your outdoor footwear outside and a separate set of indoor footwear to be used only indoors. Make sure that your trash bin has a lid on it. Any washable items being brought into the house need to go through a round of sterilisation – like ironing your newspaper, washing your food, disinfecting any courier packages before opening them up etc.

You can never be too safe with COVID-19!

The strains that are wreaking havoc in the country are more contagious than the original one and that’s why more stringent measures are required to bring this under control. If you see someone within your family practising COVID unsafe tasks kindly remind them and teach them how to do it safely now that you know how! Until everyone can have access to a vaccine such measures will have to be followed whether we like it or not. Stay safe and keep everyone safe!

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