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Here’s how IITs/NITs and Medical colleges stepped up during the pandemic

Team StoryWeavers|January 25, 2022, 18:05 IST|

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the majority of us to remain within the confines of our homes. Students like you have had to take up online classes and even give tests online. But have you wondered how institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and National Institute of Technology (NIT) have functioned during this pandemic? There are a large number of students just like you who aspire to get enrolled in courses offered by these premier institutes. But, life in these campuses is different now due to the pandemic.

The IITs and NITs have resorted to special measures with regards to conducting online classes:

  • Ever since the lockdown due to the pandemic, which was announced in March of 2020, students have been offered online classes.
  • Some colleges have even gone to the extent of developing their own application for the purpose of teaching and evaluating students.
  • Keeping in mind the possibility of non-availability of internet connectivity and internet outages, these colleges have made the content of their lectures available online for students.
  • The teachers have been actively guiding and interacting with their students through online classes.

The IITs and NITs feel very strongly that a complete vaccination drive of the student community and the staff should be a priority in order to ensure a smooth transition into regular on-campus academic life. The pandemic has resulted in the closure of the majority of these institutions for a very long period of time, while just a handful of IITs have allowed a limited number of students to stay in their campuses at present.

Until the students and all other staff get vaccinated, returning to campus would remain a distant dream for many. There is also talk to get students who have received at least the first shot of the vaccine to be allowed to return to campus but nothing has been finalised yet.

The Department of Higher Education in the Education Ministry has requested the Health Ministry to allow special provisions required to vaccinate students, faculty and staff members of centrally-funded Technical Institutions, which include the IITs, NITs, IISc and IIMs, among others. 

Changes in Medical colleges due to the covid pandemic:

Although the advantages of online classes are innumerable, the field of Medicine is among a handful of academic disciplines that is considered hard to be taught via the online education system. Hands-on clinical skills are indispensable when cultivating experienced doctors and nurses. In medicine, theoretical knowledge goes hand-in-hand with practical experience.

In spite of the shortcomings posed by an online education system for medical students, many colleges have resorted to the popular system. The pandemic has forced the administration and academicians of many medical schools to consider taking their classes online.

To compensate for the loss of clinical skills training, students are now being taught these skills online in digital classrooms. Some colleges have made students to go through case sheets of their patients online and their diagnosis is conducted based on the document. Although this could never replace the typical practical diagnosis procedures it seems to be the only option until the pandemic comes under control.

Until the pandemic scenario in the country improves, it is still unclear as to whether students will be able to return to colleges and continue their education as usual. Vaccination prior to entering the campus is an option that is still being discussed.

Do you think that students need to return to colleges and universities even before the pandemic is over or continue with their online classes? Share your thoughts below.

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