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Relief for CBSE class 10 students! New evaluation criteria and result dates announced

Team StoryWeavers|March 08, 2022, 19:37 IST|

It’s been a rollercoaster year for all of us, especially for you students. While the cancellation of the CBSE board exams may have been a breather, there is no denying the fact that it added to your apprehension about your results. Thankfully, with the board’s latest announcement, you can heave a sigh of relief.

As a replacement for the board exams, CBSE released a fresh marks distribution criteria for Class 10 students. And it has been confirmed that the students would be promoted to Class 11 without having to attempt the board examination, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

As per the new marking mandate, students will be assessed out of a total of 100 marks for each subject. Of that, 20 marks have been allotted to internal assessment, which is the only thing in common with the previous marking system. The remaining 80 have been allocated in the following manner:

The board has decided that the assessment of 80 marks will be done by the school itself. Based on the new assessment system:

  • Marks secured by students in various exams conducted by the school during the entire year will be considered for final assessment.
  • Marks awarded to the students should be consistent with the performances of the school in past board exams.

Marks distribution for CBSE Class 10, 2021


Tests/Exams Weightage
Internal Assessment 20 Marks
Unit Test/ Periodic Test 10 Marks
Mid-term Examinations/ Half-yearly 30 Marks
Pre-Board Examinations 40 Marks
Total 100 Marks


In the event that a school has conducted more than one test within each category, its result committee (see below) may fix the weightage for each test subject to the maximum marks in that category. For example, if a school has conducted two or three pre-board exams, it may take the average score of the three exams or consider the highest score out of the three tests or give weightage to each exam as considered suitable.

The Result Committee

  • The CBSE has directed schools to form an eight-member committee consisting of the principal and seven other teachers for finalising the results. 
  • Every school has to nominate five teachers, each in charge of different subjects, namely Social Science, Mathematics, Science and two language subjects. 
  • The remaining two teachers ought to be from neighbouring schools who have been co-opted by the establishment representing the external members of the committee.

The CBSE Class 10 Results 2021: Schedule


Activity Last Date
Results Committee formation by the school May 5, 2021
Provision for subject-wise and school-wise distribution of marks in line with previous CBSE exams May 10, 2021
Finalising the Rationale Document May 10, 2021
Conduct of assessment if any May 15, 2021
Availability of portal for uploading marks May 20, 2021
Finalisation of results by the school May 25, 2021
Checking and moderation of marks May 28, 2021
Submission of marks to CBSE June 5, 2021
Internal assessment marks submission to CBSE June 11, 2021
Declaration of results June 20, 2021


This new CBSE 2021 marking criteria has been put in place in order to reduce the pressure on students like you during this critical period. The marking policy for cancelled class 10 exams has come as a relief to millions of anxious students across the country. 

Here’s a link to the full notification from CBSE.

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