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Why are aptitude exams worth your time and effort?

Team StoryWeavers|January 18, 2022, 11:49 IST| 1

Why are aptitude exams worth your time and effort

We humans love to deduce everything with the help of  numbers. Ever wondered why? Having the ability to measure something and reduce these measurements to numbers helps us quantify things we come across in our day-to-day lives. You could use a ruler to measure the dimensions of your study room, or a thermometer to measure your body’s temperature. But what can you use to measure your intelligence?

They say there are tools to measure intelligence but measuring it may not be as straightforward as you might think. An aptitude test is one such tool. Most of you might be eyeing a seat in one of the premier institutes in the country. But don’t you wish to know which of them best suits you? This question has not been put forward to confuse you but rather to guide you in thinking logically.

Have you ever had this question at the back of your mind, “is JEE and NEET for me?” If yes, It’s time you got that answered. If you even have any plans on cracking JEE and NEET then you need to know about BNAT –BYJU’S National Aptitude Test. BNAT is probably the best aptitude test out there, that can give you a strong insight into what options you have before you.

Here’s why aptitude tests like BNAT are simply worth your time and effort:

  • Tailor-made for JEE and NEET aspirants: BNAT is the best aptitude test for JEE / NEET aspirants who wish to study in the best engineering and medical colleges in the country.
  • Finding what you have been cut out for:By giving BNAT you could make well-informed decisions by understanding your strengths and your main areas of improvement from a JEE and NEET standpoint.
  • Your true value: BNAT helps you understand what your capabilities are, which is important in proceeding with your preparations.
  • Pre-preparation stand: BNAT is a pan India test and will help students know their potential and where they stand at the pre-preparation level for JEE and NEET.
  • Personalised counselling:Once the BNAT results are out you will be contacted by an expert to talk about the various options you have before you.
  • Upto 100% scholarships: Become part of the prestigious BYJU’S JEE/NEET classes with scholarships up for grabs. Top scorers can get away with upto 100% scholarship.

BYJU’S National Aptitude Test (BNAT) is India’s largest Online Aptitude and Scholarship Test for JEE and NEET aspirants. 

Class 11,12 and 12 pass-out students from any recognised board are eligible candidates for BNAT. What makes it even more attractive is that appearing for BNAT is free. Give yourself the clarity you deserve, know the best options out there for you, enrol for BNAT today! 

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Rohit is someone who fell in love with the word – change. And if there is one thing that he hates, it’s a boring and repetitive life. He loves learning new things and believes that it is a lifelong process. He also enjoys research, reading and reducing most things that he comes across to numbers!

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Najiha Zainab I M

February 27, 2021

We can only write this aptitude test for one time?
Can we write once more if we are already participated


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