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This World Gratitude Day, Here’s How You Can Thank Yourself

Team StoryWeavers|September 21, 2021, 11:31 IST|
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All of us have been going through a rather stressful couple of years. And we are grateful for a lot of different things for helping us keep going  family, friends, a steady job, a healthy work environment, the list goes on. But how many of us are grateful for ourselves? Most of us are critical of our bodies and their appearance. But do we ever think about all the work our body does to keep us alive and healthy? Gratitude is one of the best feelings. It relieves stress, creates a positive mood and most importantly, fosters hope for the future. This World Gratitude Day, here are a few ways to say thank you to your body.

World Gratitude Day

The power of affirmations

A good motivation tool, affirmations generate positive energy. It is the best way to counter negative thoughts and destructive patterns. All you have to do is make a list with positive adjectives for each part of your body. Create thank-you affirmations using your list and say it out loud (or to yourself) while going about your day. The more you express your gratitude, the better you will feel. Repeat them every once in a while and watch it take charge of your thoughts.


When the going gets hard and your mind is racing, turn to meditation. It’s the simplest way to centre yourself and all you need to do is find a quiet, comfortable space, close your eyes and just breathe. You could also check out the apps that offer guided meditation. This will help you declutter your mind and focus better. 

Moving it right  

Practicing mindful movement is different from working out. Rather than forcing your body to do something you hate, it is about giving what it needs at a given point of time. It could be anything, from taking a stroll in your neighbourhood, stargazing, admiring the flowers in your garden to walking your dog. Mindful movement is more about being present and rewarding your body with what it needs.

Take that rest

We live in a fast-paced environment where everything happens in an instant. Allow yourself to slow down and appreciate the small things in life. Take deep breaths, enjoy your food without any distractions and just let your body relax the way it wants. Give yourselves ample time to rest as a way to thank your body for everything it does for you. 

Seek help

Asking for help is a form of self-care. It’s important to be aware of your limits and know that you don’t have to do it all alone. It’s important to treat yourself with kindness in order to establish a positive environment at home and also a healthy work environment. One of the best ways to deal with a crisis is to ask for support. And you’ll be relieved that you did. 

Happy place

Everyone should have that one place of bliss where they feel the most peaceful. It could be a coffee shop nearby, a balcony with a good view or a cosy nook at home. Treat yourself with regular trips to your happy place when you feel you need to recharge or could use a quick pick-me-up. Taking such short breaks will also help you maintain a healthy work environment.

Acknowledge your emotions

Strong emotions are a part of life. Feeling angry, disappointed, guilty are all normal and it’s important to allow yourself to go through with it. Rather than beating yourself up for feeling a certain way, express your emotions in a healthy way so it gets out of your system.

Self care is the best care

We take care of the things that we love and love the things that we take care of. Recognise your body’s worth and establish daily self-care practices. Tend to your body’s needs, drink enough water, eat nourishing foods, sleep well and keep your body clean. Invest time in the process and demonstrate to yourself that your body is worthy of all the care and attention.

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