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A place to call home: BYJUite Shanty Joby’s heartfelt tale of dreams and ambitions

Team StoryWeavers|June 30, 2023, 02:36 IST|
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“It is through unwavering determination, the power of family, and the courage to pursue dreams that we can defy the odds. Thanks to BYJU’S, I found a home where cherished memories would be made again, where love would fill the rooms again, and where dreams would find solace again.” 

Meet Shanty Joby, Senior Business Development Associate from Thrissur, Kerala. Born and raised in a humble background, Shanty’s journey is filled with aspirations, financial challenges, and a drive to succeed.  In this blog, we delve into her story and explore the importance of family, her ambition in the edtech industry, and the dynamics within her team at BYJU’S

Shanty Joby’s story serves as a reminder that even amidst the darkest moments, hope can be rekindled

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Family and the dream of home ownership:

Taking us through her journey, Shanty expresses, “My path had not been easy. Life had already dealt a heavy blow to my family when we tragically lost my father during my engineering. The weight of grief was further compounded by the loss of our beautiful house my father had painstakingly built, leaving my family in a vulnerable state.” 

Shanty, along with her brother, vowed to rise above their circumstances. They persevered, working tirelessly to make ends meet, clinging to the memories of their father’s love and guidance. And through sheer resilience, Shanty managed to save every penny, inching closer to the dream that she had held onto for so long. 

In the face of a challenging financial situation, Shanty clung to a powerful belief – that their family’s ultimate purpose lay in securing a place they could call home. After her father’s death, they had endured the transient nature of rented houses, yearning for the stability and warmth that only home ownership could provide. However, their dreams seemed distant and elusive. 

Finally, the day arrived when Shanty could proudly call herself a homeowner. The house she purchased stood as a testament to her strength, her unwavering spirit, and her unbreakable bond with her family

Ambitions at BYJU’S 

Shanty’s ambition reaches beyond financial matters as she yearns for the next significant opportunity to advance her career at BYJU’S. “I have been with BYJU’S for almost three years now. I have witnessed a multitude of promotions taking place within the organisation. I eagerly await my chance to progress to the next position,” quips Shanty, as her determination remains resolute, driven by her dedication and aspirations not only for personal growth but also for the success and camaraderie of her team.

Team dynamics at BYJU’S 

Shanty, a senior sales associate, feels grateful to the team that she deeply respects. The team members consistently demonstrate a positive work ethic and a strong sense of unity. She quips, “The overall atmosphere remains harmonious, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. Even during the phase of buying a new home, my manager at BYJU’S, recognised my potential and encouraged me to consider the possibility of purchasing a home. It was as if a ray of sunshine had broken through the storm clouds, urging me to explore this life-changing opportunity.” 

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Just like many other BYJUites, Shanty’s journey embodies both aspirations and challenges, encompassing the delicate balance between familial responsibilities, personal ambitions, and career growth. From her family’s cherished dream of owning a home to her unwavering dedication to making an impact at BYJU’S, Shanty’s story encapsulates the spirit of determination that defines the BYJU’S community

With a supportive team by her side, Shanty’s story serves as an inspiration to those navigating their own paths, reminding us that with dedication and patience, dreams can be realised. 

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