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BYJUites bust some common myths about a career in graphic design

Team StoryWeavers|November 24, 2022, 10:32 IST|
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A career in graphic design goes far beyond just making something look pretty or creating logos. Perhaps you’ve heard that you need a degree in design to break into the role. Or that graphic design is only for print mediums. What if we told you that these are mere myths? If you have an eye for design coupled with a flair for technology, and are wondering how to get started, we suggest you stop thinking and keep reading!  

In the third edition of Truth Vs Myth, our Creative Directors, Priyanka Bajaj and Monika Banerjee, are here to clear the air and help bust some of the most common myths in Graphic Design.

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Edited Excerpts:

You need a degree to become a graphic designer

Monika: A degree in graphic design is not mandatory to work in the field. However, if you do come from a design background, you will understand many design principles and will have a good grasp on design software, which is definitely an advantage. 

Priyanka: You do not necessarily need a degree in design to become a graphic designer. But it does require creative thinking, an aptitude towards art and design, and a passion for the craft. Graphic design requires learning the necessary tools, as well as understanding and applying the principles of design.

Graphic design is only for the aesthetics

Monika: This is a myth, as graphic design isn’t solely about aesthetics. It is the art of creating visual content to communicate a required message. A graphic designer not only provides great-looking designs but also strikes the right balance between a functional design and an aesthetically pleasing one, to target the right audience.

Priyanka: Visual design is less about making things “look beautiful” but more about communicating a brand personality and making complex problems simple. It’s all about the interaction between typography and other elements, including images, graphics, shapes, lines, and borders. To create an impactful design, they all need to work together in perfect synchronicity.

Graphic design is only for print media

Monika: This is a myth. The application of graphic design, in fact, is more in digital than print media. However, there are still many applications for print media, including album art, book covers, posters, and product packaging. Graphic design encompasses a wide range of digital media, such as website banners, social media graphics, and newsletters or e-mailers. 

As a graphic designer, you are solving a problem and communicating an idea, the only difference is the medium.

All design jobs are the same.

Priyanka: Every design job is different because everyone is designing for different industries and audiences. Designing something for a fashion magazine requires different skills than designing something for an education magazine. 

At BYJU’S, we have different designers within the Art and Design Team. There are UX/UI designers, graphic designers, product designers, and interaction designers. Their roles may differ, but designers are professionals who create visual representations of concepts and ideas. 

Design is only for the artistic 

Monika: It’s true that many graphic designers have an artistic state of mind and a visual flair, making them gravitate towards the field. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you HAVE to be good at drawing or naturally creative to make powerful designs. Like anything, graphic design is a skill that can be taught and learned.

Priyanka: Of course, creativity is an asset, but since being successful in this field requires a combination of skills, you do not exactly need to be great at drawing or painting. If you have a creative streak and want to work towards your passion, then you need to  keep learning in order to master the craft. 

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