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From Whipping Mocktails To Unwinding With Art, Check Out What BYJUites Did This April

Team StoryWeavers|May 04, 2022, 13:55 IST|
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In order to foster a positive work culture, we hosted various fun, interesting and insightful workshops across the month of April. In fact, April was called the ‘Month of Masti’ and we made sure that every activity was geared to help BYJUites unwind and learn something new along the way

Read to know more about the activities and workshops that upped the fun quotient in April. 

Making health a priority 

World Health Day at BYJU’S

This year, we celebrated Health Day@BYJU’S with workshops on holistic wellness.  The week unfolded with a variety of webinars and events focussing on physical, mental and social health. Every workshop was designed in a way that ensured all aspects of health were covered. The series included workshops such as ‘Managing Burnout and Ways to Combat It’, ‘The Art of Effective Communication’ and a Bhangda workshop. 

When art met therapy

A therapeutic art session

We hosted an hour-long Art Therapy Workshop during which BYJUites engaged in different forms of art including the GUSH Art and journaling techniques.  The workshop was hosted by Puroitree Majumdar, a clinical psychologist who specialises in individual therapeutic modalities such as CBT, Narrative Therapy, arts-based therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches. It was indeed a relaxing and stress-relieving session during which BYJUites were immersed in creating art, with soothing music playing in the background. 

Crafting with  Li’l BYJIites

Happy faces of our Li’l BYJUites

The theme for the month was masti and we ensured that our Li’l BYJUites had some fun as well. Li’l BYJUites, aged 3-7, joined us for a super engaging origami workshop during which they created beautiful paper crafts using simple techniques. It was nothing short of incredible to watch them create such wonderful DIY origami projects with beautiful smiles on their faces. 

A session with a veterinarian 

A session all about pet care

Most of us love animals! In order to create awareness about how to take care of the animals around us, we organized a session with Dr. Sooraj Raman, Senior Veterinarian at Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary. The session captured details on how to take care of pets, why adoption should be a preferred choice and the things to keep in mind before getting an animal at home. During the insightful session, BYJUites also got their queries about pet-care answered by the expert. 

LitWits meet and greet

A session for all the book lovers at BYJUS’S

This month’s book club meeting was a ‘meet and greet’ session for avid book lovers! BYJUites shared their love for books, authors, and reading with great enthusiasm and even voted the book for the next month.  It was an interactive session driven by BYJUites where they discussed all things books. 

Time for some delicious mocktails and salads

A much needed session this Summer!

To help BYJUites beat the scorching heat, we hosted a workshop with Chef Gunjan Sharma, who taught us some easy recipes to make mocktails and salads. From Sangria to Green Goddess (in the mocktails department) and Peanut to Mexican salads, the hour-long session was nothing but a delight to watch. 

Do let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed the fun month of April at BYJU’S, and what workshops you would like to be a part of in the coming months. We would be happy to organise them for you.

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