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Meet The BYJUites Who Won The Pup-arazzi Contest At BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|April 22, 2022, 15:45 IST| 1
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BYJUites and their adorable pets


Picture this. You arrive home after a long day and are greeted with wagging tails, a warm snuggle and just unconditional love and companionship. It’s a very comforting visual, isn’t it? That’s what pets bring into our lives! 

On National Pet Day, we were immersed in hundreds of images of adorable pets shared by BYJUites, expressing the strong bond that they share. You have to trust us when we say it was quite a difficult task, picking the winners of the Pup-arazzi Contest from the hundreds of furry, heartwarming pictures. 

Meet the top 20 lucky winners of the contest – their images are guaranteed to brighten up your day. 

Iram with her pet, Smokey charming us with their twinning pose

Malika and Puffy beating the summer heat with a dip in the pool

Shilpa with her pet goat, Mithi radiating love and happiness

Aarushi and Jerry strike an oh-so-adorable pose for the camera

Ah! Adityan’s capture of his furry family chilling is warming our hearts. Featuring Casper, Simba, Mittens, Zoe and Chloe

Anushree and Goofy on one of their many adventures

Ayushi and Simba’s twinning expression has caught our hearts’ attention

Tanya and Snoopy celebrating their bond with the promise of always looking out for each other

Ruchika snuggling adorably with Toothless aka Nightfury

Vishnu, Saurabh’s pet calf showering him with cute kisses

Cola, Sobhana’s pet squirrel brightens her day during her busy work day

We can feel the love with Honey and her adorable pet, Chunmi

Harpreet shared a beautiful capture of Harnoor and Tiger adorned in their beaming smiles

Jyoti posing with Leo in his brand new shirt and his cute li’l belly asking for belly rubs

Narissa and Izzy taking a short break during their morning hike

Nidhi and Axel snuggling and brightening our day

Tuktuk cosied up on Pallavi’s lap is oh-so-adorable

Shivali and Peanut enjoying the summer with their swag

Srishti’s shares a lovely family portrait with Blush and Bella

Gauri and Phoebe cuddling away their mid-week blues


Lucky winners, please write to us on to claim your prizes. 

Charming! Isn’t it? A huge shoutout and thank you to all BYJUites for participating in the Pup-arazzi Contest! 

Did the pictures brighten your day and uplift your mood? Tell us in the comments.

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A marketing professional, Sanya enjoys ideating and brainstorming to come up with crazy ideas that create lots of fun-filled moments for BYJUites. Outside of work, you can find her playing with her dogs (or any dog, really), watching movies, having biryani, or going for long drives singing along to some loud Bollywood music. She also loves hoarding journals to just scribble in random thoughts or make to-do lists. Write to her at or to share a story or just say "hi".

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April 23, 2022

All of them are so cute. Thanks for bringing the cheer to the day.
Well done Sanya.


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