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The one where Christmas celebrations went virtual

Team StoryWeavers|December 29, 2020, 12:44 IST| 2
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What is Christmas without food, festivities, and surprises! 

In a year that has been markedly different, BYJUites ushered in the Christmas festivities with a generous helping of the holiday spirit. So what if the usual office gatherings were no longer possible, we still found a way to stay connected. From a virtual twist to the Secret Santa tradition to contests and workshops, celebrations were indeed in full swing at BYJU’S! 

Read on to know what we were up to this festive season.

Work-from-home space gets a Christmas makeover

When BYJUites found a way to add a festive spin to their WFH setups


Festive decoration is always a good idea to ring in the celebrations. Pre-Christmas festivities at BYJU’S started off with a fun contest. BYJUites had to give their work-from-home space a holiday-themed makeover, the result was a stunning bunch of Christmas decors. BYJUites went all out with the decorations and sent in beautiful photos of their workstations, decorated with lights, tinsel, Christmas tree and glitter. Take a look at these decked up WFH setups that got us all excited for the festive season.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt for the win ?

Adding to the merriment was a virtual scavenger hunt where BYJUites looked for items from a specially-curated list and share photos. Those who shared the pictures in the least amount of time scored the winning title. Here’s a glimpse of the fun snaps from BYJU’S Christmas scavenger hunt.

Take a glimpse of the all the fun and frolic from Christmas celebration at BYJU’S, same time, last year

Virtual Scavenger Hunt for the win ?

Entries from winning BYJUites who participated in the virtual scavenger hunt

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Online cookie making workshop for baking enthusiasts ? 

BYJUites also got to be a part of a Christmas cookie-making workshop. As part of this workshop, our home-grown bakers learned the art of baking a perfect cookie while also making them appetising for the eye. Speak of two treats in one session!

Cookie making Workshop

BYJUites learnt all the secrets to baking yummy Christmas themed cookies

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Secret Santa tradition goes virtual this year ?

That’s not all! The beloved Secret Santa tradition also went virtual this time. It was nothing short of an adventure, having BYJUites host a virtual Secret Santa reveal party. And the gift exchange was only an add on, marking a great end to a week full of fun and celebrations!  

We hope you too are celebrating and enjoying the holidays in your own, unique ways. We wish you all a beautiful, magical, and a very merry Christmas. 

Tell us how you are celebrating Christmas at home and connecting with friends virtually. Let us know in the comments below.

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March 11, 2021

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January 10, 2021

Yummy cookies it looks yummy ?????


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