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BYJU’S Innovation Challenge: Check out the cool products made from waste

Team StoryWeavers|June 14, 2022, 16:50 IST|
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Ahead of World Environment Day, we challenged BYJUites to innovate something with waste items around them. They took the challenge head on and surprised us with some really cool creations! 

Scroll down to see some of the innovative things BYJUites created!


Check out these beautiful planters created by Avinash Singh. With a vision to upcycle empty cream bottles that were lying in his mother’s cupboard, Avinash created these beautiful planters with shells, buttons, some ribbons, ropes and feathers. Our green warrior, Avinash said “They say ‘Art is therapeutic’. Indeed it is, if you put in your heart and soul without worrying much about the end result.”



We hear a lot about reducing plastic waste and taking steps to reuse them. But how many of us have actually implemented it in our daily lives? Well, Mahesh Kumar is definitely one of them. He used  soft drink bottles made from plastic to create pencil holders. With a simple cut out on top and a zip to close it, Mahesh has created some really cool pencil holders. How many of you would like to try making them at home?




Tamilarasi Subramanian created this sustainable housing structure with waste carton boxes which takes the structure of huge buildings and conveys the need for a sustainable future like base isolated buildings, rainwater harvesting, an electric vehicle charging station, solar panels, green roofing, and pollution-free roads. This innovative structure is eco-friendly and we are sure in awe of it.



Pooja Sasidharan finds happiness in making new things out of old newspapers, plastic items and glass bottles. Check out these beautiful decorative items made with waste. This World Environment Day, her motto was to live without harming the environment around us.



Isn’t this a beautiful flower vase? Maneer Kaur has made this with a 5L plastic bottle, covered with paper mache, painted and decorated with mirrors and jute strings. It is super easy to make, so before you throw away the plastic bottles next  time, how about using Maneer’s idea and creating the perfect vase for home decor?




If you have created something cool too with waste material, please share them with us in the comments below.

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A passionate doodle artist with OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder), Samata’s interest lies in telling stories either through her doodles or write-ups! She loves all things indigo! Her thinking cap is always on and she is all about coming up with creative and quirky ideas to make the workplace more awesome. After work hours, you can find Samata either scribbling sketches on her notepad or sleeping (Zzzz). She loves traveling just so that she can experience sleeping or sipping on coffee across different parts of the world. Ping her at or if you have any fun ideas and she will find the best ways to bring them to life.

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