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Love communicating through EMOJIs? We have the apt quiz for YOU!

Team StoryWeavers|April 25, 2022, 13:53 IST| 4
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An emoji quiz to test your knowledge of the fun days in April

Are you someone whose world revolves around sending smileys and loves communicating every emotion through Emojis? Then here’s the perfect quiz  for you:

We are celebrating April as the Month of Masti and it has tons of fun days in it.

All you have to do is guess the fun days in the month through the emojis below! Come on, let’s see how well versed you are with your Emojipedia!


Question 1: 

  • National Handbag Day
  • Walk to Work Day
  • National Walking Day

Question 2:

  • National Library Day
  • National Letter Writing Day
  • World Book Day

Question 3:

  • World Health Day
  • National Doctors’ Day
  • Mask Day

Question 4:

  • Homemade Bread Day
  • National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  • Sandwich Day

Question 5:

  • World Emoji Day
  • World Smile Day
  • International moment of Laughter Day

Question 6:

  • National Family Day
  • National Picnic Day
  • Children’s Day

Question 7:

  • International Dog Day
  • National Pet Day
  • International Cat Day

Question 8:

  • National Science Day
  • National Chemistry Day
  • World Laboratory Day

Question 9:

  • Sister’s Day
  • National Look Alike Day
  • International Dance Day

Question 10:

  • World Art Day
  • National Ballpen Day
  • International Artist Day

Do you think you have aced the emojipedia? Scroll down to find out.

Scored a perfect 10? We would love to know your score! Please tell us in the comments below.


About the Author

A passionate doodle artist with OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder), Samata’s interest lies in telling stories either through her doodles or write-ups! She loves all things indigo! Her thinking cap is always on and she is all about coming up with creative and quirky ideas to make the workplace more awesome. After work hours, you can find Samata either scribbling sketches on her notepad or sleeping (Zzzz). She loves traveling just so that she can experience sleeping or sipping on coffee across different parts of the world. Ping her at or if you have any fun ideas and she will find the best ways to bring them to life.

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Karan Verma

April 26, 2022

I also scored a perfect 10 in Emoji Contest.

Abhishek Singh

April 25, 2022

Got a perfect 10.

Abhishek Singh

April 25, 2022

I’hv scored a perfect 10 ie (100/100).

Samadhan Manikrao Nagre

April 25, 2022



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