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Junior BYJUites in desi avatars | Republic Day at BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|March 18, 2021, 11:19 IST| 5
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What can be more adorable than kids in creative outfits? For Republic Day this year, we decided to extend the celebrations and include the lil’ ones of the BYJU’S family for a fun fancy dress contest. The result was an adorable collage of all kinds of cuteness. 

Lil’ champs went all out to showcase their desi avatars

With BYJUites going all out with innovative and ingenious looks for their lil champs, we received numerous entries. Cute pictures of children dressed in outfits that represented their state came flowing into our inbox. These colourful and bright entries, while embodying the culture of the respective states, also represented the ‘unity in diversity’ of India.

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Take a look at the entries that absolutely stole the show this Republic Day

In this picture are Arun Kumar’s lil’ ones, representing the agricultural land of goddess – ‘Tamil Nadu’ 

Republic Day at workplace

Photo representing the agricultural land of goddess – ‘Tamil Nadu’

This Maharashtrian mulgi won our hearts with her traditional Marathi look. What do you think of her avatar?

Republic Day at workplace

Gayatri Kurne’s lil one donning a traditional Maharashtrian look

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Priya Khola’s entry represents Haryana, her home state, in the traditional attire of lehenga and choli.

Republic Day at workplace

Photo representing a look from Priya’s home state, Haryana

This cute picture by Vaishali Somani, adorning the traditional Mekhela Chador, represents the state of Assam.

Republic Day at workplace

This traditional Mekhela Chador look represents the state of Assam

The entry by Nidhi Agarwal represents Raut, whose traditional occupation is herding. The costume is for Raut Nacham which is a traditional dance performed in Chhattisgarh.

Republic Day at workplace

This costume is for Raut Nacham which is a traditional dance performed in Chhattisgarh

We just couldn’t resist featuring other adorable entries that impressed us with their creative outfits.

Entries that impressed us with their creative outfits

Other adorable entries that impressed us with their creative outfits

Once again, congratulations to the winners! We appreciate and thank everyone who took out time to dress the lil’ ones up in their traditional best and participate in the contest. It was indeed a treat for the eyes to see these young munchkins dressed up in their desi avatars.

Adorable entries right? Tell us what’s the traditional attire of your state or which outfit best represents your region.

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Divyanshi Rathore

March 12, 2021

Like a girl is a princess and boy is prince but anyway you cute congratulations to my little cutie pie ?? love you


February 4, 2021

Looking beautiful kids…. Awesome.

saurabh kesarwani

February 3, 2021

congratulations to all winners

Chandan Kumar Vishwakarma

February 2, 2021

Many many congratulations to all of you.

Lavanya nidamanuru

February 2, 2021

Kids looking so cute…. And most innovative regarding our traditions


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