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Know All About BYJU’S Holistic Health Insurance Programme

Team StoryWeavers|October 06, 2021, 18:38 IST|
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From unlimited physician consultations to the flexibility of continuing with the policy even after parting ways with BYJU’S, our holistic health insurance policy takes care of BYJUites and their family, in the best way possible. It also takes into account factors like flexibility, diversity and inclusivity, and options to enhance the coverage as per the needs of the employees. 

Read on to know more about BYJU’S health insurance policy and its benefits:

Health insurance policy at BYJU'S

Top up for extra care

A comprehensive health insurance plan is one of the primary indicators of a healthy work culture that benefits employees. With this in mind, the BYJU’S health insurance programme is designed to take care of not just employees but also their family. While the individual basic cover is for a sum of ₹4 lakh, BYJUites can opt for a top-up and increase the amount upto ₹9 lakh. In addition to covering spouse and children (upto three) of the employee, there is an option to add parents/parents-in-law and/or a sibling (if employee is unmarried). There is also a provision to add a partner of the same gender to the policy.

Care for new mothers

Our holistic health insurance policy ensures the care and wellbeing of new and expectant mothers. As part of the enhanced insurance plan, the maternity coverage is available upto ₹70,000 (previously ₹50,000) in metropolitan cities and ₹60,000 (previously ₹40,000) in non-metro cities. 


We are mindful of the need for the policy to provide a hassle-free experience to BYJUites. This includes complete automation of the claims process and a digital flexibility. In other words, at times of need, BYJUites need not carry around physical documents everywhere. All the claims get processed digitally and users can even track the proceedings in real time. Besides this, employees also enjoy ease of access to health and benefits programmes on the Visit app. As part of this, a BYJUite can access unlimited general physician consultations sponsored by BYJU’S on the Visit app. Additionally, the plan also provides coverage for all medical emergencies at work, even if the duration of hospitalisation is less than 24 hours. 

Mental health is key

In ensuring the overall wellbeing of employees, taking care of mental health is as important as physical health. Taking a step in that direction, our health insurance policy prioritises the mental well being of BYJUites and covers mental health issues and psychiatric treatment upto ₹1 lakh.


The BYJU’S health insurance plan is also portable. Even if an employee decides to leave the organisation, they will have the option to continue with the current policy. However, in that case, retail rates will be applicable. The existing coverage plan is also applicable for treatments using alternative medicine (AYUSH).

Ensuring the overall wellbeing of employees is a key requisite for a healthy and positive workplace. BYJU’S holistic health insurance plan is a step in that direction. It’s comprehensive, flexible, portable and inclusive. Moreover, we designed it keeping in mind the health and safety of our extended family.

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