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What Makes BYJU’S Work Culture Dynamic?

Team StoryWeavers|August 13, 2021, 18:19 IST|
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The work culture at BYJU’S is one that fosters growth, encourages a healthy work-life balance and most importantly, promotes employee welfare. Brought together by the mission to revolutionise learning for students across the world, we maintain a strong culture of innovation and intrapreneurship. With a young and dynamic workforce, there’s a conscious emphasis on diversity and inclusion. And we encourage our employees to harness their strengths to put forward their best work. Besides, at BYJU’S, we believe in striking the right balance between work and fun. Events, activities, celebrations — you name it. We have all that’s needed to keep the work environment here alive and positive. 

Read on to know more about some of our employee-driven initiatives at BYJU’S.

All about Life at BYJU'S

Health & wellbeing

We believe that mental health is key. And to offer support and spread awareness, we have several employee wellness programmes in place. BYJU’S Let’s Talk, launched in partnership with YourDOST, provides BYJUites access to 24X7, one-on-one online counselling from experts. Through this, you can opt for chat, telephonic or video counselling appointments and also get free access to self-assessment tests and wellness resources. 

Events & workshops

Life at BYJU’S is not all about projects and deliverables. For BYJUites to unwind at the end of every week, we conduct weekly events and workshops. Focussing on fun and learning, the many activities include Yoga, Zumba, among other skill development workshops. And for the booklovers, there is BYJU’S LitWits a club where fellow bibliophiles can connect with each other and discuss their favourite books.

Outings & celebrations 

Group activities and celebrations are a part of our culture at BYJU’S. Team outings, events and sponsored holidays are but a few of the incentives we offer. Be it Christmas, Navratri, Eid or Onam, we celebrate every occasion in our BYJU’S style — with food, fun and festivities.

Facing Covid, together 

We have implemented several initiatives during the pandemic to enable employees to better prepare for challenges. As the first step towards supporting BYJUites, we have set up a ₹20 crore CEO’s fund. The fund covers COVID-19 related medical expenses and hospitalisation costs for the BYJUites, their parents, spouse and children. BYJU’S has also initiated a free and facilitated vaccination drive for employees pan India.

Health first

The health insurance policy we provide at BYJU’S is not just for when you fall sick. But it is for the holistic health and wellness throughout the year. Apart from the ₹4 lakh insurance coverage for employees, a top-up feature will enable BYJUites to increase their cover up to ₹9 lakh. While your spouse and children are covered, an additional top-up option will let you add your parents or parents-in-law and siblings for cover. Besides this, some key aspects about the plan include coverage up to ₹1 lakh for mental illnesses and psychiatric treatments, an option to add a same gender partner, cover for alternative medicine, unlimited general physician consults and several other add-on benefits.

Staying productive during a pandemic can be challenging. However, with quality health care, leave policies and an understanding work environment, we offer support to our employees in every way possible. And as we grow, BYJU’S continue to implement initiatives to promote a positive work culture one that puts employee wellbeing first.

Head to Life at BYJU’S to learn more about our work, people, and the stories that make us unique. To explore job opportunities, check out Careers at BYJU’S.

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