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A Photography Contest Where BYJUites Captured Breathtaking Views From Their Windows

Team StoryWeavers|September 15, 2022, 14:58 IST| 1
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Has it ever happened to you, that you looked outside your window and created a whole story in your mind about the view? Or wondered what the people outside (or even our furry companions) were thinking or feeling as they went about their business?

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. Spurred by imagination and creativity, we all – at one point or another – have found ourselves slipping into the shoes of others to understand the world from their perspective. After all, perspective, is what lends individuality and beauty to everything around us. And incidentally, it was also the theme of our latest contest. 

On the occasion of World Photography Day, BYJUites got a chance to showcase their skills through a fun mobile photography contest. The idea was simple. Share an original click that captures “a beautiful view from your window”. 

Needless to say we were flooded with gorgeous photos – if some of these transported us to mesmerising locations, others offered a unique insight into the perspective of the photographer. Take a look for yourself, the stunning clicks might just sour your imagination:

Our furry friends have a different vibe altogether!

These captures will definitely make you plan a holiday

If nostalgia could be depicted through pictures, this would be it

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. We couldn’t agree more. The beautiful entries shared by BYJUites have truly won over us. If these photographs have left you too awestruck, then leave your comments below. Let’s discuss what photography means to each of us.

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A passionate doodle artist with OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder), Samata’s interest lies in telling stories either through her doodles or write-ups! She loves all things indigo! Her thinking cap is always on and she is all about coming up with creative and quirky ideas to make the workplace more awesome. After work hours, you can find Samata either scribbling sketches on her notepad or sleeping (Zzzz). She loves traveling just so that she can experience sleeping or sipping on coffee across different parts of the world. Ping her at or if you have any fun ideas and she will find the best ways to bring them to life.

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