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Embracing Parenthood of All Kinds | Parent’s Day at BYJU’S

Team StoryWeavers|August 02, 2021, 15:07 IST|
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When on the topic of Parents Day, why leave behind the pet and plant parents? Move over traditional definitions of parenting, BYJUites are here to celebrate parenting of all kinds. The definition of parenting is now blurring. While for some, it may be about taking their child to school, for others it’s about playing with their furry friends, or simply watering their plants. Parenthood sure does come in different shapes and sizes and we are here to celebrate that.

Keep reading to know what Parent’s Day at BYJU’S looked like.

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When we hear the term ‘parents’, we usually think of conventional parenthood. But recent times, especially the lockdown, have inspired many to become new plant and pet parents.

Parent’s Day celebration at BYJU’S started with a workshop for pet and plant parents. The workshop offered an introduction to Telepathic Animal and Nature Communication. BYJUites got to learn more about communicating with their pets and plants. Anju Jayaraj, expert from The Whispering Earth gave attendees tips on how to bridge the gap of communication and understand their animal and plant companions better.

What’s more? BYJUites also brought their pets to a Zoom party which stole the show. From the cutest doggos, to furry cats, beautiful birds and rabbits, pets of all shapes and sizes entertained us virtually. It was indeed a treat to the eyes! 

Catch a glimpse of the event here

Parents Day at BYJU’s was all about celebrating Parenthood of all kinds


The second day had two workshops packed for BYJUites. It started with a session called Understanding Child Behaviour, conducted for new parents by Dr Kirthika Rajaraman, Consultant Developmental Pediatrician, Motherhood Hospital. The session delved into topics like common issues in child development, understanding child’s behavior, psycology and more!

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The celebration came to an end with a super insightful Urban Gardening workshop for our plant loving community at BYJU’S. Ace Youtuber and gardening expert Ekta Chaudhary from Garden Up conducted the session and shed light on important topics like ‘how to take good care of plant babies’, ‘common mistakes to avoid’, etc. The session ended with a hands-on “Grow From Your Kitchen” experience for our plant lovers! 

Urban Gardening workshop by Ekta Chaudhary from Garden Up, for Plant Parents at BYJU’S


In addition to insightful and engaging workshops, BYJUites also shared quirky badges with each other to celebrate parenthood. To spread the love and cheer with friends and family, a bunch of fun and inclusive badges were created for all kinds of parents. 

BYJUites shared quirky badges with each other to celebrate parenthood

Parenting in all its forms is full of joy, some challenges, and of course, gratification. We wish all the parents out there a very happy and joyous Parents Day and hope you make it a fun celebration for your babies (be it plants, pets or kids)!

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