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Watch BYJUites Relive Hilarious WFH Memories With Family | #ByjusTurns10

Team StoryWeavers|November 29, 2021, 11:40 IST| 4
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When work came home in 2020, it wasn’t just us who had to make room for new changes. Our families also adapted along with us! From adjusting to our rather eccentric working styles to making peace with the endless calls and Zoom meetings, our loved ones made sure that working from home was easy and comfortable. Even if that meant, not bursting out laughing, every time someone said, “Am I audible?” (Relate much, BYJUites?)

While we cannot thank you – our extended BYJU’S family – enough for this love and endless support, we thought, how about taking you all on a nostalgia trip and reliving some of the better memories of the lockdown? Brace yourself, this hilarious video ft. BYJUites with their parents and siblings might just leave you in splits.

Watch below:

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Did you relate to these stories of work-from-home? If the answer is yes, then welcome to the club!

In a year that has been riddled with changes, if there’s one thing that has eased the transition for most of us, it’s the comfort of having our loved ones with us. In their many little ways, our parents, our siblings, our cousins, grandma and grandpa, and even the furry members of the family have made it possible for us to put in our best efforts at work without having to worry about the woes that 2020 brought along with it. 

If anything, getting to spend this time with the family might just be the silver lining to the year!

We would love to hear about your work-from-home stories too. Funny, weird, silly, whichever it may be, share with us your memories in the comments below.

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Priti diwakar

November 28, 2021



November 15, 2021

I always respected books: always respect them for us.


November 13, 2021

Being BDA changes lot of things most of dreams came as travelling for n number of places communicating with people .. just loved it …


November 13, 2021

Be a legend .. exploring as eduaction counceller


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