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Diwali 2023 | 10 green ideas for brighter and eco-friendly celebrations

Team StoryWeavers|November 10, 2023, 12:42 IST| 2
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Diwali 2023

Diwali is here, and it’s time to light up our lives and homes with joy! But this year, let’s add a twist to our traditional celebrations. Imagine a Diwali where you’re not just spreading the glow of happiness but also reducing your carbon footprint. Sounds intriguing? 

At BYJU’S, our Social Initiatives Team never fails to take the lead in volunteering for green initiatives and recycling drives, setting an inspiring example and educating all of us. Well, it’s time to dive into our list of 10 green Diwali ideas that will make your festival of lights shine even brighter, not just for you but for Mother Earth too!

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Top 10 ways to make Diwali sustainable: 

  1. Opt for eco-friendly diyas

    Replace traditional oil lamps with eco-friendly clay diyas (lamps). They are biodegradable, and their production is less harmful to the environment. You can even make it a family activity to decorate and paint these diyas for a personal touch.

  1. Go solar

    Consider using solar-powered decorative lights instead of electric ones. Solar lights harness energy from the sun, making them energy-efficient and sustainable. They can be reused for many Diwalis to come.

  1. Switch to green crackers

    Choosing green crackers this Diwali is a step towards celebrating with a sense of responsibility and care for the environment. Green crackers are designed to be eco-friendly, emitting fewer harmful pollutants, reducing the impact on air quality, and minimising pollution that traditional firecrackers generate. Fun doesn’t have to be at the cost of life.

  1. Eco-friendly rangoli

    Design a beautiful rangoli using natural materials like flower petals, coloured rice, or organic dyes. These materials are biodegradable and won’t harm the environment. After the celebrations, you can compost them.

  2. Gift green

    Instead of giving conventional gifts, opt for eco-friendly presents like potted plants, organic products, or handmade items. These gifts promote sustainability and show you care for the environment.

  1. Use reusable decor

    Choose reusable decorations like cloth banners, paper lanterns, or homemade torans (door hangings). These items can be stored and used for future Diwali celebrations, reducing waste

  1. Sustainable Diwali pooja

    During the Diwali pooja, use organic or locally sourced incense sticks and natural oils. Reducing the use of synthetic fragrances can have a positive impact on air quality.

  1. Green cleaning

    Before and after the festival, clean your home with natural, non-toxic cleaning agents. Avoid harsh chemicals that can harm the environment and your family’s health.

  2. Donate and share

    Celebrate the spirit of giving by donating unused clothes, toys, or other items to those in need. Sharing your blessings can make Diwali more meaningful and eco-friendly.

  1. Reduce food waste

    Plan your meals efficiently to minimise food waste. Use sustainable utensils and avoid single-use plastics. Compost food scraps to reduce the load on landfills.

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As we wrap up this guide to a green and eco-friendly Diwali, remember that the impact of your choices goes far beyond the festival itself. By adopting these sustainable practices, you not only contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet but also set an inspiring example for future generations. 

This Diwali, let’s light up our homes with kindness and our hearts with gratitude. Wishing you all a bright and green Diwali – one that truly lights up the world!

Do you have any eco-friendly Diwali tips to share? Feel free to drop them in the comments section below!

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