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International Literacy Day | BYJUites celebrate life-changing books that shaped them

Team StoryWeavers|September 07, 2023, 16:18 IST|
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Did you know? 

International Literacy Day (ILD) is celebrated on 8 September every year. 

Since 1967, this global event has served as a reminder to the public about the significance of literacy in upholding human dignity and rights, while also pushing forward the literacy agenda to foster a society that is both, more literate and sustainable.

This International Literacy Day 2023, we embark on a journey through the pages of our favourite books, each a portal to new worlds and profound revelations. Books have the power to change lives, broaden perspectives, and ignite imaginations. As an organisation, BYJU’S plays a pivotal role in promoting literacy by providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience, levelling the educational playing field, and instilling a lifelong passion for knowledge in learners worldwide.

On International Literacy Day, BYJUites come forward to share their cherished literary companions, the books that have left an indelible mark on their hearts and minds. Join us as we celebrate the magic of reading and the profound impact it can have on our lives.

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Poornima Gaur
3K trials 
Book: A Court of Thorns and Roses

“This book may not impart profound life lessons or unveil the world’s secrets. Nevertheless, I wish for everyone to encounter the same enchantment I experienced while reading it at least once in their lifetime. It transports you to a realm where limitless possibilities abound – a place where magic and madness coexist with dragons and faeries, where love and friendship intertwine with loyalty and betrayal.

Within its pages, this book unveils an expansive sea of potential and a fantasy realm where you can assume any role and achieve any feat. It instilled in me a newfound belief in myself and underscored the significance of friendship and family. It taught me the value of seizing every opportunity life presents, facing fear head-on, and always striving for excellence. As Rhysand wisely put it, ‘You could rattle the stars, if only you dared.’ I hope that everyone can dare to believe they, too, can shake the stars.”

Mahesh Shelatkar 
Academic specialist
Books: A Man Called Ove and 101 Essays That Can Change the Way You Think

“In my early years, I sought escapism primarily through movies, later finding passion in cricket and football. While a few books graced my study table, they rarely held my attention. I occasionally explored Paulo Coelho’s classics, but reading only two books a year satisfied my curiosity, with Netflix often winning over paperbacks. Then, a quote reshaped my outlook: ‘Read what you love until you love to read.’ This quote, more than any book, ignited my journey into bibliophilia.

Everything changed when an acquaintance’s random book recommendation brought ‘A Man Called Ove’ into my life. Love and grief took on new meaning. Love was no longer a simple connection, and its intensity differed from the movies of Imtiaz Ali. Sonja, a character within the book, taught me that loving someone is like moving into a new house—a sentiment best experienced through her monologue. This book became a guide through my grief, making me realize that grief is unexpressed love, and the most challenging aspect of death is its grammar.

Books hold a special place in our hearts, serving as guardians, companions, and lovers in various life situations. ‘A Man Called Ove’ warmed my heart, while ‘101 Essays That Can Change the Way You Think’ harmonised my mind and heart. These essays not only helped me embrace my true self but also provided insights into the world through self-understanding. My Notes app overflows with quotes from this book, offering solace during overwhelming moments.

If I could gift one book to everyone, it would unquestionably be ‘101 Essays That Can Change the Way You Think.’ For the first time, I’m not seeking an escape; I’ve found inner peace. Whenever I lose that peace momentarily, I simply turn the pages of my two beloved books.”

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These stories from our fellow BYJUites remind us of the transformative power of literature. On International Literacy Day, let’s celebrate the books that have touched our hearts, broadened our horizons, and fueled our imagination. 

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, classic or contemporary, each book holds the potential to change lives, one page at a time. As we continue to explore new stories and share our own, let’s cherish the gift of literacy and the profound impact it has on our collective journey.

Happy International Literacy Day, and may your next book be a source of inspiration and transformation!

Do you also have books that changed your life? Tell us in the comments below!

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