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Empowerment through freedom: How BYJU’S is nurturing young leaders of tomorrow

Team StoryWeavers|August 16, 2022, 11:52 IST|
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Nothing makes BYJUites happier than the sense of freedom at work. For some, this could mean flexible work hours to have a healthy work-life balance, or freedom to ideate and do things differently; while others may think of freedom as the ability to work independently on projects, or express their views without any hesitation. We believe that freedom to be your best self at work contributes to a culture that is motivating, engaging and inspiring.

By empowering BYJUites to self-govern and make independent decisions early on, we aim to nurture young leaders who continue making a positive impact. Our young force is a bunch of creative and talented people who are self-motivated and passionate to be their best selves. Read on, as BYJUites spell out what freedom means to them and how BYJU’S is creating a workplace that the new workforce is looking for.

Leadership beyond hierarchy

Autonomy can take many different forms. But for Preeti Gupta, our Tech Lead, freedom at work hasa very specific meaning. In a male-dominated tech world, freedom for her is, the ability to ideate and opinionate without being restrained. “Freedom at work means freedom to independently work on projects and express my views with absolute certainty in a room full of male leaders,” she tells us.

As BYJU’S has evolved, says Preeti, it has still preserved the best aspects of a startup culture. “We embrace a work environment where ideas can come from anyone, irrespective of their role in the hierarchy, where everyone is encouraged to make independent decisions, share thoughts and knowledge.”

Empowered to make a change

Ayush Nautiyal believes a great workplace culture goes beyond clocking in for a set number of hours. It is about being flexible or being able to have fun at work. In his words, “Empowerment begins when we have the freedom to make decisions in our areas of responsibility. In our Sales team, we have created a haven that enables us to question, disagree, and debate, without being judged. This goes a long way in shaping us as professionals.” 

The Business Development Associate says that the freedom to voice his opinions and concerns, offer suggestions and feedback, and debate strategies, has built his confidence and enabled better decision-making. “Employees are not bound by set procedures. This is what freedom is all about: being able to ideate and execute freely; to have a free space to innovate, ideate, and execute those ideas, to be empowered to make a change and experiment without fear of failure,” quips the BYJUite.

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Freedom in work-style choices

“To me, freedom means flexibility in work-style choices. As a BYJU’S teacher, I can work the schedule I want or work from where I want to, as long as I get the work done. Having flexible work arrangements has helped me attain a work-life balance when my mother was diagnosed with cancer last year. I had a great support system at work that always had my back when I had to accommodate personal life,” says Umme Rumana, Academic Specialist at BYJU’S. 

Another aspect of freedom, says Umme, is fostering a culture of openness. “As someone who is relatively new in the team, I can approach team leaders or seniors with any query without hesitation. I experienced this first-hand during several team meetings where I could provide suggestions within a few weeks of joining.”

It is innovation that drives us to create an impact and it shouldn’t matter where it comes from. We believe that great and creative things happen when BYJUites are free to make their own choices and happy to work on projects they are passionate about.  

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