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How BYJU’S is Creating a Culture of Equality and Diversity | International Day of the Girl Child

Team StoryWeavers|October 14, 2021, 09:59 IST| 2
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Every child deserves an equal shot at creating their own future. But the gender inequalities in our society hinder this reality. Whether in India or globally, most women and girls do not even have access to their rights due to deep-rooted traditions and norms. Gender inequality leads to unequal opportunities, and while it impacts both genders, women are often at a far disadvantageous position. 

To build a more equal and inclusive future, we need to start from the beginning. Gender equality begins at home, and parents are at the front lines of this change. After all, they are the ones shaping the way their children think or experience the roles and responsibilities associated with gender. 

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This International Day of the Girl Child, watch women in BYJU’S share how they are fighting stereotypes to build a fair and equal future for our daughters. 

Embracing gender equality and inclusion 

To foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, says Vismaya Vijayan, Accounts Executive – Finance, “we need to create an environment at work which gives you an opportunity to learn and grow.” And BYJU’S is ensuring this by embracing a culture of equality where people, irrespective of their gender, are given equal opportunities. 

While creating a culture of equality is one part of our efforts, the other – and perhaps more important – part involves embracing diversity where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

As Priya Kumari, Learning and Development Specialist explains, “BYJU’S is directly invested in empowering both the genders through its gender-neutral policies. An important way in which my team has embraced gender equality and inclusion is by offering flexible working arrangements across departments. For someone like me, who is shouldering the responsibilities of my family and my younger brother, this means the freedom to chase my dreams and chart my career.” 

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True equality means creating equal opportunities for everyone. And it’s not something that’s built in a day. It’s through mindful changes, introduction of inclusive and gender-neutral policies, and by readjusting the lens through which we see gender that we at BYJU’S are tackling the prevalent inequalities.

Big changes start with small steps, and we are taking a step every day to create a more equal, inclusive and diverse workplace for our BYJUites. 

We would love to hear from you. Tell us what your idea of gender equality is and how you are driving changes in the comments below. 

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Sarika kumari

October 13, 2021

Beautifully said by priya kumari.

Rohit Kumar

October 13, 2021

Very Well said.


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