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How Teaching with Empathy Motivates Students to Learn Better: Manasa Hegde Shares Her Take

Team StoryWeavers|January 28, 2022, 11:34 IST|
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“Empathy is a powerful tool for both students and teachers to learn and grow intellectually and emotionally. At BYJU’S, our teachers are fostering this mindset to build positive student-teacher relationships and an inclusive classroom community,” Manasa Hegde, Senior Academic Consultant at BYJU’S, says, explaining why nurturing empathy in the classroom is a prerequisite for teachers. 

“Children are encouraged to learn and excel when they are surrounded by compassionate teachers. As a child, I was fortunate to have great teachers who would go the extra mile to create a supportive learning environment. That’s what motivated me to become a teacher and brought me here.”

Manasa, who has been a part of BYJU’S Student Experience Team since 2019, recruits and trains Academic Specialists on content and teaching methodologies. Her role as a Senior Academic Consultant also involves analysing teachers’ performances, teaching resources and methods. She says, “One of the things I really enjoy about this role is that I get to meet and train so many passionate teachers. Every teacher brings diverse skills to the table and is curious to learn and grow every single day.”

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Teaching to make a difference

Manasa’s interest in teaching first took root in 2014. She would spend hours interacting with students, discussing concepts in Chemistry, to make the subject fun and engaging for young learners. This experience of breaking down complex concepts and discovering new ways to teach excited her. So much so that she decided to quit her job at a mining company, and follow a new career path in teaching.

“Making the switch was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. There is something special about interacting with children and getting to learn from them. At BYJU’S, we embrace the culture of lifelong learning, not just for our students but for teachers too. Our teachers adapted to new technologies and learned new strategies and tools to provide a personalised learning experience for students,” she explains.

What started with a team of five to six Academic Specialists when Manasa joined BYJU’S, has since grown by leaps and bounds. “Since I became a part of the team, it’s been an exciting journey with loads of learning opportunities. I get to work on exciting products that make content more engaging and interactive for students. I’m also inspired by my team as everyone specialises in something, and I get to learn a lot from each one of them,” she tells us.

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The Goa connect

While team spirit is what keeps her motivated, her family also plays a big part in supporting and inspiring her. “My family helped me transition to work-from-home. They give me my daily dose of laughter and also help me take my mind off work and recharge. This way, I am able to strike the right balance between work and personal life.”

In Manasa’s words, if there’s one thing that has helped her navigate through these challenging times, it is having a sense of compassion and empathy.

Says the BYJUite, “Empathy is the key to building a great classroom culture. I was fortunate enough to learn this life skill while growing up in Goa. Goan culture and people have played a vital role in my life. I hail from Bangalore, but I was born and raised in Goa, which will always remain home to me. While growing up, I realised how compassionate and kind Goans are to tourists who travel from across the world. From early in life, I developed this sense of empathy, which I now try to nurture in students and even teachers. This is the only way, adds Manasa, that she and her team are able to foster a positive learning environment. 

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