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National-level archery to Academic Specialist: Journey of BYJUite Athul Krishna | Sports Special

Team StoryWeavers|November 30, 2022, 11:34 IST|
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“A teacher’s responsibility doesn’t end with the class. I am a math tutor at BYJU’S, and I not only care about how my students are performing in class but also care about their goals. I believe that students benefit from clear instructions, constant feedback, and a culture of learning that encourages resilience. This is similar to the valuable lessons I’ve learnt from archery and football. That’s how sports makes me an effective tutor at BYJU’S.” 

Meet Athul Krishna, archery record-holder, for representing Kerala thrice at the National level and four times from his university. Hailing from Thrissur, Kerala, Athul’s BYJU’S journey began in 2019 as an Academic Specialist. Currently, he is a Senior Academic Specialist. 

In this special sports edition of People Who Make BYJU’S, we catch up with Athul, who sheds light on his journey at BYJU’S as a Senior Academic Specialist, being a math tutor at BYJU’S, how sports shaped him into an effective teacher and team player, and how the sports culture brings BYJUites together. 

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Tutoring, teamwork, and sportsmanship: 

The Senior Academic Specialist was always keen on becoming a teacher. Athul shares, “Even though I’m from an engineering background, I was always fascinated by teaching as it helps contribute to community development. Through BYJU’S educational tools and hi-tech teaching techniques, I’m able to educate the next generation of well-rounded individuals of the future.” 

Apart from teaching, the BYJUite speaks of his passion for archery and football. Drawing parallels between teaching and sports, he quips, “Ever since childhood, sports has had a profound impact on my life, and as I started working, on my career as well, since I apply sports lessons at every step.” 

Sportsmanship and teamwork go hand in hand at BYJU’S, he says. “In sports, our ultimate goal is to better the team in every aspect and provide constructive criticism without holding grudges or hard feelings. Similarly, at BYJU’S we strive as a team, nudge each other to grow, brainstorm innovative ideas, and cultivate a strong team spirit.

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BYJUites being cheerleaders, on and off the field:   

Flexible work hours and the positive work culture at BYJU’S, help Athul strike a healthy balance between sports and tutoring. “I can prepare for my math sessions, focus on class lessons, improve my teaching concepts, and play football with other BYJUites. All this without burn-out. ”

Talking about the culture at BYJU’S, Athul shares, “At BYJU’S, we have an active group of football players across departments and offices who plan a game at least twice a week. The culture here is such that it motivates us to pursue our passion outside work. We are each other’s cheerleaders, on and off the field.” 

In closing, Athul shares some golden tips for aspiring Academic Specialists. He says, “As a tutor, I look forward to every new day, new class, and a new challenge at BYJU’S. If you are passionate about teaching, BYJU’S is the place to be. It gives you the opportunity to teach students from across the country, and  helps you make a difference in the lives of individuals who hold the key to our  future.”

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