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From CAT Classes to Building BYJU’S Logistics Backbone; Mohnish Jaiswal’s Incredible Journey

Team StoryWeavers|November 23, 2021, 13:44 IST|
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Mohnish Jaiswal

“I met Byju sir towards the end of my graduation way back in 2009. When he used to take CAT classes, I was one of the proverbial backbenchers but without the luxury of a backbencher. We had to actually pay attention and take down notes because during the break we had to solve the students’ doubts,” recalls Mohnish Jaiswal.

In the second episode of ConsisTENt — a series where we speak to BYJUites who have been with us since the beginning — we have Mohnish, the VP of Supply Chain, sharing with us his journey at BYJU’S over the last decade, the experience of navigating the pandemic, and his vision for the future.


Sharing with us the events that led him to BYJU’S, Mohnish tells us, “A few of us had written CAT just for fun. We wrote it to get an idea of the questions and the new format. However, I cleared the CAT exam, appeared for an interview and coincidentally got admission in IIM Bangalore. So I had to go back to college. During the summer, I interned at BYJU’S and after completing the two year course, joined BYJU’S full time.”

Over the years, Mohnish has been instrumental in setting up the logistics backbone at BYJU’S. But prod him about this, and he will say that he is just an enabler who happened to be at the right place at the right time. “There have been a lot of momentous events, right from 2016 till date. Even during the pandemic, it’s always been about how we can make our customer experience better and the student and parent community’s experience better.”

Navigating the pandemic

A glimpse of this intense planning and the attention to detail can also be seen in the way Mohnish’s team tackled the pandemic. When the lockdown was implemented, the logistics team pivoted overnight to successfully handle the crisis.

Shedding light on this, Mohnish shares, “We had some contingency plans in place. The first part was getting in touch with external stakeholders our logistical partners and suppliers and seeing how they are impacted. Second part was to check the internal situation. How our processes would run, how people would be coming to office, how they can be safe during this [situation]. The third part was to seamlessly enable all of these. This was a big feat. We reduced the number of people coming in, we worked in shifts, and availed all the resources possible to make it happen.”

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Over the last ten years – and more specifically, 2020, as we navigated a pandemic – the world has changed a lot and so has BYJU’S. Achievements have become greater and ambitions even bigger, all the while making the organisation a global phenomenon. We ask Mohnish what his vision for the next decade is and he says:

“Everyone in the supply chain team wants to contribute to the overall growth of the company. Because we know what we bring to the table. We have understood it right from day zero. And now we know how much we can grow. And that’s where we want to head to, by creating a world class team at BYJU’S. If earlier India was our canvas, now the world is our canvas.”

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