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Opportunities for Growth and Learning are Phenomenal at BYJU’S: Devashish Pundlik

Team StoryWeavers|November 29, 2021, 11:37 IST| 2
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“Since I joined BYJU’S in 2008, my main aim has always been to inspire the sales team that you are working for a good cause — to help children learn better. And I think we have been very fortunate that we have a team who believes in us and the company vision,” says Devashish Prakash Pundlik.

In the third episode of ConsisTENt — a series where we feature BYJUites who have been with us since the beginning — Devashish Prakash Pundlik, AVP, Campus and Partnerships, shares how he has been guiding high-performance teams at BYJU’S over the last decade and how his role is a huge opportunity to make a global impact. 

If you ask Devashish about his role when he joined BYJU’S, he would say, it was multifaceted. From handling campaigns to planning sales and operations, Devashish saw his role as a huge opportunity to learn and grow each day. “I was completely fascinated by the whole process. We were functioning as a hardcore startup with a small team but a larger mission and were not afraid to take risks. The energy and enthusiasm we had back then is something I try to instill in my team now.”

Over the years, Devashish has been instrumental in building an impactful sales culture by mentoring and guiding high-performance teams at BYJU’S. And all this has been possible because of years of experience, and evolving and growing together as a team. “One thing I keep telling my team is that opportunities for growth and learning are phenomenal at BYJU’S. We have a team that believes in the company’s vision of impacting lives with our learning products. This keeps us going forward!”

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Experimenting and unlearning 

Sales is for someone who is goal-oriented and curious to learn new things, Devashish tells us, shedding light on the skills that are required for a career in business development. “All we ask from people joining our sales teams is their commitment to learn new things. Experimenting will make you unlearn whatever you had learned previously. You can’t use the same process everywhere, you will need to update yourself in order to see things differently.”

A lot has changed at BYJU’S in the last 10 years, but one thing that still remains the same, says Devashish, is the belief to make a difference with the work we are doing. “Here, there is always a new challenge to solve and targets to achieve. And this, I believe, is a part of growth. If you already know the process, there is no learning there and the work becomes monotonous. Going through the process of solving new challenges keeps us going.” 

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