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‘Our innovations & big ideas come from passionate techies’: Vijay Vyawhare on why experimentation is key to solving challenges

Team StoryWeavers|August 10, 2022, 10:53 IST|
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“I have always had a passion for tech, creativity, and finding solutions. I love solving challenges that programming presents and the possibility of being able to conceive new ideas and bring them to fruition. My first exposure to programming was after Class 12 when I started learning C, C++ and other programming languages. This got me interested in pursuing a career in tech,” says Vijay Vyawhare, our Lead Software Development Engineer in Test.

Vijay’s role at BYJU’S entails designing and coding software using programming languages, assisting developers in the analysis of software bugs, and implementing test automation framework for BYJU’S Tuition Centre. 

He tells us, “Our innovations and big ideas are fuelled by a team of passionate and creative techies. As a Software Engineer at BYJU’S, each day is an opportunity to work on different projects, come up with great ideas, and experiment with tools to solve new challenges.”   

While opportunities to learn and grow in tech are huge, adds Vijay, there are also several illusions surrounding a career as a software engineer. The most common one is, “it takes months to perfect programming”. Keep reading how the BYJUite busts some common myths about programming and the life of a coder at BYJU’S: 

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Myth: Programmers spend all day writing code

Vijay: The job of a software engineer goes beyond coding. You need to plan, estimate, and analyse what is to be done, even before you start writing the code. Plus, you collaborate and brainstorm with your team to solve problems and get the best and quickest solutions.  

Myth: You have to get a degree to be able to code

Vijay: Having a degree is important, but what matters more is your skills. Often, people from other fields also learn to code without a professional degree in coding. If you are interested in the field and are enthusiastic about learning programming, there are many learning resources online. Your fervour and sincerity will help you become a smart coder.  

Myth: Programmers are experts in only one language

Vijay: It’s common for programmers to switch languages. As a techie, you constantly have to learn new things. But there is a common misconception, that someone who works with Java, for example, might not know anything about other programming languages. The truth is that once you know one language, you start craving to learn another, and it becomes easier and more fun. 

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