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Creating an immersive, one-of-a-kind phygital learning experience: Harshit Chehal on what makes BYJU’S Tuition Center unique

Team StoryWeavers|September 29, 2022, 12:11 IST|
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The satisfaction of seeing your hard work come to fruition is unparalleled. This holds true for Harshit Chehal, whose BYJU’S journey has been synonymous with the inception and growth of BYJU’S Tuition Center (BTC). “I joined BYJU’S when BTC was still being conceptualised and to see that grow from zero to one to 250 centres across the country has been an exceptional journey,” says the Director of Sales Operations & Customer Experience. 

“With BYJU’S Tuition Center, we have built a one-of-its-kind phygital learning experience, where students have access to the best of BYJU’S content, curriculum, as well as in-person faculty,” says Harshit, adding “We are a leading brand that has created a new space within the edtech industry with a hybrid model of learning — combining our world-class learning products with a physical centre near you.” 

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In this edition of People Who Make BYJU’S, meet BYJUite Harshit Chehal and explore what goes into the making of a disruptive and immersive phygital learning experience like BYJU’S Tuition Center.

Creating a disruptive service ecosystem

Harshit and his team have been responsible for streamlining the customer experience for BTC. This has been possible because of a cross-functional exercise, involving several teams that ensure the best solutions in the shortest possible time. “We have managed to enhance the quality of service for our students and parents, by closing almost all service requests within 24 hours of inception,” shares Harshit. 

The role has also helped the BYJUite invest in his personal growth. With a career spanning over 12 years, Harshit has experience in both sales and customer experience. “I have worked in consulting, telecom, and operations. The decision to move into edtech was a conscious one. The way BYJU’S has managed to create an impact in the education sector has been inspiring to watch and I wanted to be a part of it,” he tells us. 

It is also the challenge to create something new and disruptive from scratch in this domain that has driven Harshit. “To take full ownership of the product and the fact that my actions could be responsible for its success or failure has been humbling and motivating at the same time,” he adds.  

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What makes BYJU’S Tuition Center unique 

With BTC, BYJU’S has managed to combine the best of offline and online learning. “Being the only organisation with a nationwide presence in the tuition center industry, every student across 250 centres is being exposed to a uniformly rich and immersive learning experience,” explains the BYJUite. “Combining the best of online learning with a teacher at the centre explaining Science and Math concepts has also managed to enhance students’ understanding of the subject matter.” 

It is therefore important to have certain qualities to become a part of such a dynamic set, says Harshit. “Incorporating our organisational values — focusing on teamwork and a willingness to be innovative and creative to optimise our systems is an essential quality to have as a BYJUite,” he adds. 

“Besides, being student-focused and developing an owner’s mindset are great qualities to nurture,” says Harshit, adding, “You must take responsibility for the products, services, or processes you’re working on.”

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