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Fostering an Ownership Mindset Builds Positive Work Culture, says Prashanth BN

Team StoryWeavers|December 10, 2021, 12:54 IST| 1
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“Cultivating an ownership mindset is the biggest motivator for me and my team, and it also helps foster a positive work culture,” says Prashanth BN, Assistant Vice President – Technology at BYJU’S. In the latest episode of People Who Make BYJU’S, he talks about his journey into automation and what drives the Tech Team at BYJU’S.

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Journey into automation

Prasanth, fondly known as Praz among his team, joined BYJU’S in September  2019. His role entails managing the tech team and unblocking any hindrances his team faces when it comes to the ongoing activities. “Along with this, my team and I are also building an entire biztech stack that encompasses and connects all the business operations divisions in one place. This will enable the entire business team to coordinate through the system,” he says.

For Praz, tech was a natural choice or in his words, “Technology is an exciting aspect of solving business problems.” A graduate in Information Technology from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, Praz’s journey into automation began in college. 

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He recalls, “My friends and I loved listening to music in our hostel rooms and we were too lazy to get up from our beds to control the volume of our laptop. That’s when I came up with a software that could be connected to the modem and which could control the volume of our laptop by just sending an SMS to the modem.”

With time, this love for technology evolved and it led Praz to start his own company that was into business process automation. In fact, before joining BYJU’S, Praz co-founded another startup. All these different roles and experiences have shaped his career and made his journey exceptional.

The techie says the most exciting part of his role at BYJU’S is working with a diverse team. “We have a diverse team with people from varying backgrounds. And working with them is inspiring as I get to learn new things every day,” he quips.

And for those who are looking at joining the Tech Team, Praz shares one piece of advice: Develop a positive attitude and cultivate an ownership mindset. He adds, “We look for attitude over aptitude. You must keep a positive attitude and be eager to learn new things and grow.”

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Tajender Singh

August 31, 2021

Interesting Insights. It’s always a pleasure working with Praz! A true problem solver for everyone he works with.


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