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They came. They saw. They sipped: BYJUites love their coffee a latte and here’s the proof

Team StoryWeavers|October 01, 2022, 11:31 IST|
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For most BYJUites, coffee is a love language they share while brainstorming during a meeting, while catching up with colleagues between work, or just sitting by themselves and unwinding. Clearly, coffee is more than just a beverage for them, because they run on coffee. And we can prove it to you!

On this International Coffee Day, let’s take a jaunt to the most-loved coffee hangout spots at BYJU’S IBC Knowledge Park office, Bengaluru, to showcase the extent of employees’ love affair with their favourite aromatic beverage. Scroll down to witness some heartwarming pictures of BYJUites, who prove that they and coffee are a perfect blend. 

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Top 10 pictures of what’s brewing at BYJU’S

Good ideas start with brainstorming, great ideas start with coffee


Coffee. Smile. Work. Laugh. Repeat.


Brewing ideas with a cup of coffee


Coffee+Friends at BYJU’S = Therapy


When it is a brew-tiful day at work


At BYJU’S, we like to stay grounded and warm, just like our coffee


Take life one cup at a time


When coffee is a language in itself


Did I just have a Deja-Brew?


 Coffee: The most important meal of the day

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A big thank you to BYJUites who joined us in celebrating International Coffee Day and for sharing their love for coffee with us. More power to you and keep the conversations brewing at BYJU’S. 

Have a memorable coffee moment that you would like to share? Head to the comments section and espresso your story if you like coffee a latte!  

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