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World Bicycle Day | Pedal-powered diaries: BYJUites on their cycling adventures

Team StoryWeavers|June 01, 2023, 23:55 IST|
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We are celebrating World Bicycle Day, a day dedicated to the joy of cycling and its numerous benefits. Cycling, beyond a means of transportation, has become a profound source of inspiration, resilience, and personal growth. It’s time to acknowledge the power of pedalling, from its positive impact on physical health to its ability to foster sustainability and create a sense of adventure. 

In the bustling corridors of BYJU’S where innovation and teamwork thrive, BYJUites Bharath P, Senior Academic Specialist, and Preetham Kumar A, Osmo – Software Engineer have found common ground – their love for the open road, the wind in their hair, and the freedom that comes with each pedal stroke.

On this World Bicycle Day, let’s celebrate the spirit of cycling, embodied by our fellow BYJUites. From conquering challenging terrains to participating in thrilling cycling events, they have embraced cycling with passion and experienced transformative physical and mental changes through their cycling journeys. 

Join us as we celebrate this global day dedicated to the beloved two-wheeled wonder. Let’s dive into the captivating stories of these cycling aficionados and discover what fuels their passion, their favourite routes, and the lessons they’ve learnt from their adventurous cycling events. 

How long have you been cycling and what inspires you?
World Bicycle Day

Picture Credits: Preetham

Bharath: I’ve been cycling for about 2 years and the sheer joy and freedom it brings, inspires me to continue. The beautiful landscapes and various challenges motivated me to pedal forward.

Preetham: I initially began cycling as a means of commuting to the office, covering a distance of approximately 9-10 kilometres one way. However, as time passed, I became captivated by local races and eventually found myself participating in larger mountain biking events all across the country.

What kind of cycle do you own and why did you choose it?

B: I started with a hybrid model cycle and later invested in a professional cycle to explore more kilometres. The new bicycle provides consistency and comfort.

P: MTB (Polygon Siskiu 9 2016 edition). This cycle provides an exhilarating experience when navigating challenging terrains. MTB tests not only your physical endurance but also your core strength, and I love that. 

What aspects of cycling do you find most exciting and enjoyable?

Bharath P

B: Cycling liberates me as I traverse roads and trails, empowering me to choose routes and take full control of my journey. Early mornings, accompanied by gentle raindrops, I cycle along serene highways and embark on adventurous rides through dirt roads around lakes. The symphony of birds and rustling trees adds to the thrill, making cycling even more enjoyable.

P: The sheer thrill of riding down challenging terrains like single tracks and downhill tracks is what I find most exciting and enjoyable in cycling.

Do you prefer exploring parks or cycling on roads during your free time? If you cycle on the road, what is your favourite route and what makes it special?

B: My favourite East Coast Road route in Chennai begins at Akkarai Beach and heads towards Mahabalipuram, running parallel to the Bay of Bengal. Cycling along this road offers stunning views of sandy beaches, crashing waves, and the vast ocean. Riders can take breaks to explore the sandy shores, dip their toes in the water, or find solace under palm trees.


P: I love exploring the favourite MTB spots around Bangalore, particularly Thurahalli Forest (BSK 6th stage). It’s a special route for me due to its scenic beauty and the thrilling challenges it offers for biking.

Have you participated in any cycling events or competitions? 


B: I recently participated in the Decathlon cycling and Chennai Cyclists events. I enjoy long-distance challenges and have completed several events, such as Tenacity 110, Determination 150, Run and Ride, Commute Challenge, and March Madness.

P: I participated in various cycling events and competitions, mainly focusing on MTB Marathon Events, XC (Cross Country), and DH (Downhill) Races. My primary goal during these races was to complete them successfully. Participating in these challenging events and pushing myself is what truly matters to me.


How do you prepare yourself physically and mentally for these cycling events?

B: I prioritise improving endurance, strength, and flexibility through a structured training plan, combining long rides, interval training, and strength exercises. Mental preparation is equally crucial for cycling events, where challenges arise. Techniques such as positive self-talk, humming AR Rahman’s music, and fostering resilience help me stay mentally strong and determined in difficult moments.

P: I dedicate myself to intense practice sessions, typically spanning at least a month leading up to the event. This involves rigorous physical training and mental preparation to ensure I am in optimal condition for the challenges ahead.

Have you noticed any positive changes in your physical or mental well-being since you started cycling?

Bharath P

B: Cycling has significantly improved my cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility, and overall well-being. It serves as a stress reliever and allows me to enjoy the freedom of the open road or nature trails.

P: Yes, cycling has had a noticeable impact on my overall well-being. Physically, it has helped improve my endurance, strength, and overall fitness. Additionally, cycling promotes better sleep at night as it helps to tire out the body. Mentally, cycling serves as a great stress reliever and provides a sense of clarity and peace of mind.

Could you share your thoughts on the significance of wearing proper cycling attire and protective gear?

Bharath P

B: Proper cycling attire and gear are crucial for safety and performance. They provide breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and padding for enhanced comfort during long rides. Cycle helmets are mandatory to protect against accidents and head injuries. For night rides, headlights and tail lights ensure visibility and safety.

P: Wearing the right cycling attire and protective gear is crucial as it plays a significant role in safeguarding your body during rides. Proper cycling attire, such as padded shorts and moisture-wicking jerseys, enhances comfort and reduces friction. Protective gear, including helmets, gloves, and knee pads, helps protect against potential injuries in case of accidents or falls. Overall, investing in and wearing the right gear is essential for ensuring safety and enjoying a more comfortable cycling experience.

Do you incorporate cycling into your daily commute to work? 

B: Yes, I used to commute to work at Kalyani Tech Park in Bangalore, taking a route across Marathahalli Bridge and Kundalahalli Gate.

P: Well, not cycling these days (No excuses). I should definitely get back to it soon.


What route do you take, how many kilometres is it, and how long does your commute typically take?

B: My commute to work is roughly 4.3 kilometres. It takes me about 20 minutes to get from Munnekolala (Bangalore) to the office.

P: My route starts from BSK 3rd stage and goes through Jayanagar 7th Block, Jayanagar 4th Block, Tilak Nagar, Bannerghatta Road, and then I finally reach the office. 

As we conclude our cycling journey with Bharath and Preetham, we are reminded of cycling’s transformative power. Through their unwavering dedication to cycling, these BYJUites have discovered joy, freedom, and the physical and mental advantages that come with an active lifestyle. 

On this World Bicycle Day, let their stories inspire us to take that extra pedal stroke, explore new routes, and embrace the invigorating experience of cycling. Whether it’s for commuting, fitness, or pure enjoyment, let’s remember that every time we hop on a bicycle, we contribute to our own well-being and make a positive impact on our environment.

Grab your helmet, hop on your bike, and embark on your own cycling adventure. Let’s celebrate the spirit of cycling not just today, but every day, and create a world where bicycles continue to be cherished as symbols of freedom, health, and sustainability.

Happy World Bicycle Day! Keep pedalling and embracing the joy of the ride.

Do you love to cycle too? Share your stories with us via the comments section.

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