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How BYJU’S & Time Management Helped Ishika Score 98.4% in Her Boards

Team StoryWeavers|January 18, 2021, 12:18 IST| 1

YouTuber, songwriter, dancer and debate champ – 15-year-old Ishika Chabbra from The TonsBridge School in Dehradun has many feathers in her cap. Motivated by a passion to express herself, Ishika exudes confidence in everything she does. Including the academic front, where, backed by immaculate planning and hard work, she scored  98.4% in the CBSE class 10 board examinations conducted last year. 

What helped her unlock her academic potential and come up with such a great performance? We ask her. Ishika believes that good time management is the answer. “Class 10 was not that hectic for me. The only thing I kept in mind was planning,” she said, spilling the beans on her strategy. “If you plan efficiently you can score well. In fact, anyone can!” she added. 

Ishika credited BYJU’S for helping her develop a rock-solid understanding of concepts – something that eased her studies significantly. “The visual nature of the app is the best thing to experience while studying with BYJU’S, no doubt about that,” she said while reflecting on her class 10 journey. “I feel that when we learn by visualising concepts, we can lessen rote learning to a large extent,” she said.

Elaborating on her formidable planning, Ishika has some helpful tips for students preparing for the boards. Here they are.

Ishika is also an avid K-Pop fan and has a YouTube channel dedicated to K-Pop dance videos! She says her dance covers are a way of appreciating her favourite artistes. To take her love for K-Pop up a notch, Ishika even learnt some basic Korean during the COVID-19 lockdown last year. 

Ishika was a part of the Hear It From The Toppers webinar last year in October, where she discussed her time management strategies in detail. You can watch the full episode here!

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