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Learn how Aditya and Arka befriended Math and made it their hobbies

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Students often resign to the fate – ‘I am not a math person’. Is it because of exam fear or the tragedy of facing those complex concepts which refuse to get easy? The truth is, no one is born good or bad in math but everyone adopts to this subject in their own ways. Surprisingly, if you befriend math, it actually ends up becoming our lifelong friend, helping in your daily life. So why not befriend the subject and find a way to make it easy?

To help you, here are few tips from two toppers at BYJU’S who share a common interest – love for math!


11 years old Aditya Srinar found his love for learning and his special interest in math once he started taking part in the competitive Olympiad exams. Studying in Mumbai’s IES Orion School, Aditya loves participating in such competitions as it helps challenge himself every time and learn better.

Goal : To study hard, prepare for NEET and become a zoologist.

He believes that, “It is important to love what you study. That’s the key to understand everything!

Currently studying in 7th grade, Aditya has designed three different timetables with the help of BYJU’S app, segregating the events of the weeks, his sports classes and the weekends.

I go for badminton classes twice a week in the evenings; hence I adjust my study time accordingly. Since I get less time for my studies during the weekdays, I make it up by studying extra on weekends. I believe that it’s important to stay up-to-date with studies rather than sitting for 12 hours before exams and trying to memorize the whole year’s syllabus in one night. It is not healthy at all!

For Aditya, the key to excel is to read beyond the school textbooks. It helps to understand better and acquire extra knowledge. Thus, he takes part in multiple competitive exams like Math and Science Olympiads, English Olympiad which helps him to keep his concepts on these subjects clear.

I was in 5th grade when I participated in my first ever competitive exam. I was curious as well as excited to learn extra and compete with others. Once I started winning in such competitions, it became a ritual to take part in every similar event. Now I look forward to such competitive exams in and outside my school.

His appetite for learning and his love for Math introduced him to BYJU’S – The Learning App recently. The animated video lectures and the detailed breakdown of concepts helped him increase his learning speed – introducing innovative tricks and techniques of solving math problems.  

I could score full marks in Science and Math, all thanks to BYJU’S. I spend at least an hour each day studying from the app. The engaging videos help me clear my concepts thus enabling me to understand better,” says Aditya.

His mother Vijaya Srinar adds, “The BYJU’S app feeds Aditya’s curious mind. I am very happy that he has found such a lovely studying companion. It has helped him seek his answers, learn extra and understand better. Now I am confident in his capabilities of studying on his own.


Arka Narayan from Bangalore is very focused in his studies and has set plans for his future. As a true blue cricket lover, he strongly believes that, “practice makes a man perfect!” Be it his studies or sports, he follows this motto that helps him achieve his targets.

Goals: To be an IITian and a professional cricketer!

6th grader Arka is studying in Bangalore’s Delhi Public School. With cricket and studies on his platter, his daily routine is packed and runs on a systematic schedule.

I have a set timetable for each day of the week which includes time slots for cricket practice and my studies. My timetable includes:

4:30 pm-6:30 pm – Cricket practice

6:30 pm-7:00 pm – Relax at home while I watch TV and eat snacks

7:00 pm-8:00 pm – I do my homework and revise my day’s lessons

8:00 pm-9:30 pm – I study from BYJU’S app, watch videos and solve practice paper.

Math and Physics are my favorite subjects and thus, I dedicate some extra time reading, revising and solving practice papers for these subjects.

Arka’s father Vinay Sheel says, “He enjoys taking part in Math Olympiads and manages to score good in it. Recently he cleared the first rounds of International Math Olympiad and BYJU’S practice papers helped him a lot while preparing for it!

An IIT alumnus himself Arka’s father dreams of seeing his son follow his path and thus helps him with his studies. “I personally like BYJU’S courses as it gives a pattern to follow and understand the concepts. Arka loves to study Math and Physics from the app because of the visuals and how the concepts are explained, drawing real life examples. I am happy to see how he has improved in his recent exams and scored well in core subjects like Math and Science.

Arka took an interest in Olympiad competitions when he was in 3rd grade. Simultaneously, his interest in learning and solving Math problems during his free hours increased which boosted up his self confidence.

I am not scared of any exams as I am always prepared for them. Be it a competitive exam or a class promotional exam, I ensure to start my preparations two months in advance. Along with that, I regularly study all my subjects and keep my knowledge fresh my frequently setting test for myself.

With a common interest in math and their unique ways of preparing for any exams, both Aditya and Arka showed ways of developing an interest for studies and how to retain it. BYJU’S – The Learning App helps millions of students like them by providing the learning platform where they can come, study and understand better. With exams around the corner, we hope that stories of Aditya and Arka serves as motivation for you to step ahead and achieve your goals!

We thanks their mentors Megha Singh and Vedha.V for their constant support and encouragements which helped both Aditya and Arka excel in their studies and build confidence in cracking tough competitive exams at such a young age.  

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It was a good experience with the learning story of Aditya and Arms…


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