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Everything you need to know about a white hole

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The story line of the popular science comedy fiction The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy talks about the creation of luxury planets by the people of planet Magrathea from matter retrieved from white holes. A white hole is a fascinating hypothetical feature just like the black hole. The most interesting part is that they are both polar opposites and are believed to be quantum entangled.

So, how different is a white hole from a black hole? The black hole is a place from where light can never escape, but a white hole is a one-way passage from where light and matter can escape. However, both structures (the black and the white hole) possess the same mathematical and geometrical features.

Black holes occur in surrounding dust, stars, and even when a spaceship passes by, or anything which is too near. On the other hand, white holes radiate light, where matter can escape in the universe. Several decades ago, both were entirely conceptual, but now black holes are associated with many astronomical objects. Surprisingly, a black hole was spotted in the heart of our home galaxy the Milky Way recently.

Stephen Hawking’s black hole theory defines it as a huge mass in a small space. Its gravity is powerful and light cannot escape from it. Hence, the blackness.

According to a  research conducted by Shlomo Heller and  Alon Retter in May 2011,a white hole could be the Gamma-ray Burst (GRB 060614).

GRB 060614, a labeled gamma-ray- burst, detected on June 13, 2006 by Swift satellite of  NASA. It ‘s,associated with supernovae and occurs in the regions where the formation of the stars are low. The white hole is the result of the burst of a gamma ray. Probably, for the longest duration of about 103 seconds.

White holes also have properties of angular momentum,  mass and charge. Like any other mass they also attract matter, but objects falling inside a white hole would actually never reach it’s horizon.

Interesting facts about white holes:

  • White hole may have been witnessed by scientists when white light burst out suddenly and vanished in no time.
  • As per the theories by several scientists, a wormhole could connect two points in time instead of connecting two points in space. This connection between two holes has the potential to allow time travel too.
  • Black holes if reversed in time is nothing but a white hole
  • According to Stephen Hawking, emission and absorption of radiation is in the same amount when in the state of thermal equilibrium which makes them indistinguishable.
  • Physicist Stephen Hsu stated that if it’s not in a state of equilibrium,and is surrounded by space with empty vacuum, the absorption will be nil  resulting in explosion which releases thermal energy in huge amounts.

In the world of astrophysics there are many  theoretical phenomena like this. The existence of white hole might be just a concept but questioning, wondering and trying to unravel the mysteries behind them is what increases our knowledge. So, until we find answers to the mysteries of the universe, let’s keep exploring.

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Jewel Nagpal

April 23, 2020

This whitehole made me curious.
First time ever heard of white hole. Fascinating


March 18, 2020

It is a nice work ??

Naman verma

January 18, 2020

I am a biggest fan of Astrology, cosmology, and my favourite astrophysics research
and bujus shared the information of white and black hole
very very very very very very very lots of thanks to byjus whole team


November 10, 2019

What are on mankind invention in world


September 22, 2019

Very very interesting. But I’m still little bit confused between the white hole and black hole

Gulnaaz khaja Khan pathan.

August 31, 2019

Thanks byjus.its so much amazing information about white hole.always be sending such fascinating information.???????


July 20, 2019

It is full of curiosity to learn about white hole ???

Ajay khatti

July 8, 2019

Is black hole a way to reach other galaxy an white way to come back


July 5, 2019

It is very interesting .Thanks to byjus

Gaurav Arija

June 29, 2019

Hats Off To You

Ajay khatti

June 20, 2019

I always think about a white hole? But I was unaware that it’s true . I want to ask that is white and black hole connected?

Hiral Kumar

May 29, 2019

Great Astronomical idea. White holes and
Black holes are very interesting concept
to look about.
Thanks Byju’s and author-Kritika Maskara-


May 12, 2019

Thanks byju’s it made me more curious about space and black holes


May 8, 2019

its amazing to know about the white holes….never heard of them before…


April 23, 2019

Thanks Byju’s for such a brilliant info ???
I didn’t understood about time travel


April 21, 2019

Awesome work!! Thanks for the info BYJUS…??


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