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Parent Club – Back to school: Guide for parents

As schools reopen after a two-year long hiatus, both parents and students are readying to get back into their old...

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Make Learning Fun With Back-to-School Games

Hello young learners! Welcome to another episode of Learning Games with Agnee and Peter! We know you are eagerly waiting to...

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Preparing for the new school year: Essential tips for students

As summer vacation winds down, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming school year. Getting ready ahead of time...

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Can Schools Cultivate a Safe Space Embracing Every Child’s Uniqueness?

Two children. Siblings. Same house. Same rules. Different lives.  As a child, I had a great time in my kindergarten....

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The Best Crescent Shape Activities for Preschoolers: Top 7 Picks

The crescent shape is fascinating. It can also be found in all sorts of cool places, like in the shape...

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Restoring the ‘Fort’ that was: BYJUites Clean Up a Government School in Bengaluru

A school is almost like a second home for any child. In their growing years, they spend most of their...

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Pro Tips to Handle A Call from Your Child’s School

Getting called into your child’s school is distressing. It is a scary experience both for the parent and the child...

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Back-to-Work: Parental Tips and Checklists for Childcare!

Returning to the office requires you and your child to adjust to the change in routine while dealing with mixed...

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Breathtaking Backdrops and Bright Smiles: The Filming of Education For All

Education for All — a social initiative by BYJU’S, is empowering underprivileged children across the country with access to quality...

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