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BYJUites Share Stories That Can Leave You #InspirED

Team StoryWeavers|September 30, 2022, 12:56 IST|

Every good story told gives us a great lesson to learn. When we asked BYJUites to share their stories, they poured their hearts out. These stories were filled with life lessons, kindness and morals that made a difference to another and left us #InspirED.

Look at some more stories from our #InpirED series, where BYJUites talk about how they made a difference with their kindness.

Read on.

Mahesh Shelatkar

Academic Specialist

I have always had my share of responsibilities from an early age which gave me no room for being carefree. But, I have a semi-sports bike that makes me feel like a teenager every time I ride. While I am aware of road safety and am mostly cautious, I forgot about all of it one day, and it turned bitter.

I was riding on a relatively empty road at a speed of 50 kmph, and suddenly, a dog came running out of nowhere through the divider. And despite all my reflexes, my bike still hit the dog and skidded on the road. I was bruised all over the right side of my body. Soon after the accidental blur left my mind, I got up to see whether the dog was okay, but it wasn’t.

I tried to get some water from the nearby shops, but he was already dead by the time I got it. I called the animal welfare helpline and tried to get help, but it was too late. Being a dog lover, the incident got etched onto my conscience.

While I always wanted a dog, I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to forgive myself after this.

To make up for this, I feed the dogs around my building every night. Not because I am guilty but because I want to rewrite the narrative. I might have done one thing wrong out of my stupidity, but I want to do my best to forgive myself.

And I will do as much as possible for the animals in the coming days. I hope and wish to make a dog shelter or contribute to one.

Anwesha Mukherjee

Academic Specialist

It was around May 2019, at the peak of COVID-19, when Amphan struck us. This powerful and catastrophic tropical cyclone caused widespread damage in Eastern India, especially the wetlands across Bangladesh and West Bengal. Several places also suffered power cuts due to line disruption. Many trees fell across the city, blocked roads and caused severe chaos. However, one of the worst impacted was the Sunderbans.

During these challenging times, I assisted one of the local school teachers, Mr Simanta Guhathakurta, in visiting the nearby villages.

The entire region was under water; all we could see was an expanse of water with no end. The villagers took shelter in school premises,  which were two-storey buildings, or in trees. Their huts were flooded with salt water. The villagers were in peril and could not comprehend the effects as they watched their livelihoods get washed away.

Mr Guhathakurta and the rest of us decided to raise money extensively in 5-7 days to buy necessary packages of dry food, baby food, sanitary napkins, and a few other essentials.

I contacted friends across the world to raise concerns and money. People initially were not so eager to donate with COVID-19 dangling over our heads. But, I showed them pictures of the place and told them how fortunate we were sitting in our homes, tucked in comfort. Many donated, and I collected a sum of Rs 23,000 for the cause.

With these efforts, we could reach them and provide food to more than 100 families for 20 days until the government aid reached the place.

Anannya Sengupta

Academic Specialist

I have grown up seeing my parents helping people in need. Whenever a gig worker or a labourer asked for water during the hot summers, my parents would always give them some food and a glass of water.

I asked my father why they kept doing this. He told me that poor people usually fill their empty stomachs by drinking water instead of buying food. So, giving them just a glass of water is never enough.

One day, when I went outside my house to drop garbage, I saw the garbage collectors asking my neighbour for a water bottle because of the summer heat.

Suddenly, I remembered the lesson taught by my parents. I went inside and gave them a bottle of water and some cakes and cookies. They said they didn’t want food and just wanted a bottle of cold water. Instead, I invited the four of them inside, fed them and gave them the water they asked for. I also told them always to ask me if they needed water.

For me, happiness comes from feeding those in need.

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About the Author

Anju is a peace-lover, a video-game addict, and a childhood doodler who imagined that the scribbles were words. This storyteller enjoys a good read, some doodling, and learning new languages. One day, she hopes to write her own story someday, and hopefully in the French language, too! She never loses hope of making the world a better place to live in.

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