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International Women’s Day: BYJUites Create Awareness About Menstrual Hygiene

Team StoryWeavers|March 28, 2023, 13:16 IST| 1

International Women's Day - BYJUites volunteer to empower the girl child with access to menstrual products on International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day, the volunteers at BYJU’S visited girl children in Bengaluru to spread the importance of menstrual health and hygiene.

Even today, many girls miss 4-5 days of school every month due to menstrual taboos and improper sanitation facilities in schools. Without access to sanitary essentials like pads, they often forgo their education, unable to manage their periods.

So, on International Women’s Day, BYJUites conducted a hygiene-oriented workshop and distributed sanitary pads to over 200 girl students at GHPS Jakkasandra and GHPS Venkatapura.

‘We must spread awareness on female hygiene, especially among the young generation. Offering access to menstrual hygiene products and educating young girls about personal hygiene is vital in allowing them to make educated decisions about their health,’ shared Viswathi K. V., Marketing Specialist.

‘This initiative helps break down menstrual stigma and empowers young girls to make informed choices about their health and education. On this International Women’s Day, we celebrated the achievements of women everywhere and continued to work towards a world where menstrual stigma is a thing of the past. Through our initiatives, we hope girls get equal access to education and basic necessities!’ shared Pavithra P., Academic Specialist.

Prakash B, a volunteer from the Social Strategy department, said, ‘Providing access to menstrual hygiene products and educating young girls about personal hygiene is crucial in empowering them to make informed choices about their health. I’m inspired by the impact the BYJUites made in these communities and am extremely proud to work for an organisation that values giving back to society.’

Through our social initiatives, BYJU’S Education for All hopes to reach millions of children with access to education and remove factors that hinder the same. By 2025, we hope to support 10 million children with an equitable education.

Read more about our BYJU’S Education for All initiative here.
If you wish to support our initiatives and help an underserved child with education, you can donate a device through BYJU’S Give.

Let’s help children chase their dreams with the power of quality education!

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March 30, 2023

Next time give a menstrual cup instead of pads
They are reusable, eco-friendly, comfortable, and can provide up to 12 hours of protection
Additionally, menstrual cups have the potential to save money in the long run since they can be used for up to 10 years.


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