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BYJUites bid adieu to 2020 with gratitude

Team StoryWeavers|December 30, 2020, 12:39 IST|
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Now that 2020 is almost wrapped up, BYJUites are taking the moment to look back at the year with kindness and gratitude. And what better way to express gratitude than by showering our colleagues and team members — people who had our back and made work and life a little easier in 2020 — with a word of encouragement and appreciation. 

In fact, kickstarting the celebration in December — celebrated as the gratitude month at BYJU’S — was a virtual ‘Thank-a-Peer postcard exchange. At a time, when most BYJUites are working and collaborating remotely, the touching messages that poured simply won everyone’s hearts.   

“I loved the postcards! It was such a warm gesture to receive those from your fellow BYJUites, especially when you’re working remotely. It is things like these that fuel team bonding in an organisation,” said, Mayank Dubey, a Business Development Trainee at BYJU’S.

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BYJU'S Thank-A-Peer Postcards

BYJUites shared Thank-A-Peer Postcards to celebrate their colleagues this Gratitude month at BYJU’S.

The postcard-exchange was followed by an interesting activity over social media where BYJUites were asked to share things they were grateful for during these tumultuous and trying times.

Here’s what they had to say:

Family-bonding time

“The work-from-home (WFH) scenario gave me the opportunity to spend some fantastic time with my parents after a very long time,” says Archita Sarkar, a Product Specialist at BYJU’S. “And, let’s not forget the home-cooked meals, they are an added bonus,” Sarkar adds.

For most people, WFH served as an unexpected but marvelous opportunity to spend some quality time with their family. Also, who doesn’t like ghar ka khaana?

Working in Sweatpants

Monalisa Ghosh, Learning & Development Specialist, says that the best part about the last few months was ‘WFH’ and the opportunity to not have to dress up for work everyday. “Sweatpants are saviours,” says Ghosh.

Building up savings

As per Ranjitha Angadi, Learning & Development Specialist, building up savings was her favourite part about work-from-home. “Nowhere to go means, lots to save,” adds Angadi.

The initial phase of the lockdown left people with little scope to go out or eat out. But hey! That also meant lesser expenditure and an opportunity to save money. Blessing in disguise, eh?

Binging on food while attending work calls

Looking at the brighter side of the remote-working mode, Sakshi Saxena, a Product Specialist, says she found solace in munching while attending meetings on video calls. “It is indeed a superpower,” she quips.

Spending time in hometown

“The best part about WFH was getting the opportunity to relive my childhood by spending time in my hometown. It was work-from-hometown for me!” says Harsha Sahu, a Data Engineer at BYJU’S.

Most people, in pursuit of better career opportunities, venture out of their hometowns. And, thankfully, WFH turned out to be a boon for people like them. 

Survival matters

‘That fact that we survived 2020 is enough,’ chimes in Lakshmi Shravani, Renewals Specialist.

Well, 2020 has certainly come with its own share of challenges. But this year has also shown us what really matters. Whether it is spending quality time with family or rediscovering love for lost hobbies, one of the most important lessons this year has taught us is to PAUSE and make the most of the present. So, tell us that one thing you were grateful for during 2020? Let us know in the comment section below.

Here’s to hoping that the new decade ushers in new hope, pleasant surprises and lots of happiness into our lives. Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂

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