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Revisit Childhood Memories With This Fun Game

Team StoryWeavers|November 12, 2021, 16:50 IST| 43
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Remember the time when ‘Eat, Sleep, Play, Study and Repeat’ was the only motto of life. When finishing our homework and deciding what games to play next were the only ‘problems’ that ever existed in life. Ahh, the freedom of childhood!

We sure cannot go back in time and revisit those golden days (wish we could though) but we can definitely take a trip down memory lane with a fun game. 

So, how well are those childhood memories inked in the scrapbook of your mind? Take this BYJU’S Nostalgia Challenge to find out!

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Delve into the world of nostalgia!

Children’s Day Edition!


Read all the points
Self evaluate yourself on how many memories you can relate to

No-school day ?
Faked a stomach ache or a fever to bunk school 

It’s Storytime ?
Spent hours listening to stories from grandparents

Power off, fun on ?️
Power cut meant screaming at the top of your lungs

Om Nom Nom in the classroom ?
Finished lunch box in the first period

Future rockstar in the house ??
Turned into a performer when relatives visited your home

Spot game ?
Excitement level tripled on spotting a friend in the other bus while coming back from school 

Element of coolness ?
Maintained a slam book to be filled by friends and family

Long phone calls = scolding unlimited ?
Those long landline calls with friends always got us in trouble. Because, “Who will pay the bill?”

Nervousness x 100 ?
Counting heads to check which paragraph you are supposed to read during reading class

To escape the hawk-eyed ?
Hiding chocolates and ice creams in the fridge from our siblings

Keeping it casual on birthdays ?
Feeling like a ‘celebrity’ at school on birthdays, because — casual clothes. Duh!

Who’s the toffee buddy? ?
Toughest decision to pick that ‘one’ friend who would accompany us to distribute toffees to neighbouring classes

Reading ‘thought for the day’ – no room for mistake ?
Getting nervous before reading the thought for the day and ensuring there is no error while doing it  

Feeling nostalgic, aren’t you? Well, the whole purpose of the quiz was to make you take a soulful dive into the world of nostalgia. That’s the beauty of creating memories, right? It is timeless, gives you something to hold on to, smile at, and cherish all your life. 

Did this game help you bring back the happy, happy memories of childhood?
Let us know about your fondest memory in the comments section below.

About the Author

Harshita looks for stories in almost everything. A hopeless dreamer and a movie buff, she is known for laughing at her own jokes and being proud of it. She has a thing for sarcasm, wit and everything savage. A supporter of the underprivileged, she will totally judge you for being rude to the waiter in a restaurant. Loves conspiracy theories and myths and prefers dogs over humans. She is an impulsive writer and hopes to write a book someday.

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November 15, 2021

Relatable to each and every point 😀

Nikhil Bhoyrekar

November 15, 2021

I used to play a lot with toys in childhood. After every exam, and on my birthday, my parents bought me a toy,
like G.I. Joe and He Man action figures. I am lucky to still have them and now they are valuables as vintage action figures. I Still have almost all of my childhood toys well preserved since 28 years. its quite a nostalgic ride when I look at them. That’s very fond memory of mine and now watching my son playing with them feels like the loop of generation completes.
Also I used to watch cartoon shows a lot. I am still 90’s Kid by heart and sometime i love to deep dive into those memories by watching the same tv shows again and recall the Era of great 90’s Days. I Still watch “Shaktimaan ” and love it like I used to love two decades ago. It May sound creepy , but I get those small Attacks of Nostalgia .. But I am fully aware of reality and Present.
Its a good mental refreshment to look back in past and use those good memories to feel good, I Believe.
so this is my thought on “how nostalgia heals me” .


November 15, 2021

It was soo funny movements revinded Childhood life
Awesome the above said had experienced by every one I tooo had enjoyed the same
Thanks a lot for getting back to childhood memories….let’s Rockz….

neetu jamwal

November 14, 2021

when i was a kid i enjoy so many imlie toffies from neighbour shop and love to stay long with my grandmaa i still remmeber her because she always stand in my favour and always boost me to be something in your life.I think i aam same like my grandmaa because she never scared of any body and wants to do something for family. I always ignore my studies and busy in fun making of my cousin.i love to live in joint family.

vanshika pasricha

November 14, 2021

Ohh..its always great when we encounter memories of the childhood. Even i reminded today some like om nom nom in the classroom, Reading thought for the day, toffee distribution, casual dress on birthday….Nostalgia….
childhood a dream of younger and elder ones

Prithwish Ghatak

November 14, 2021

Lost in the special memories of childhood.

Aalfiya Shaikh

November 14, 2021

Long phone calls = scolding unlimited ?

Sejal Nagar

November 14, 2021

Happy children’s day. Loved the post

Nagalaxmi Thalluri

November 14, 2021

Yes.. all above points r related to me what I did in my school days ??.Thank you so much ma’am/Sir for remind me those childhood days ??It was really awesome never come back ??

Nishant Kumar

November 13, 2021

Its story time

Nidadavolu Yani Krupa

November 13, 2021

Thankyou so much for this. I almost did all these things during my childhood except the landline calls..hahhaaa…

Akshat Singh

November 13, 2021

When I haven’t completed my homework and teacher is absent


November 13, 2021

i did almost all these thing in school

Astha Mukherjee

November 13, 2021

Thanks a lot for this initiative. This really took us down the memory lane.

Rishya Sekar

November 13, 2021

Hi All, I can relate the point number 2,At my stage 6,i listened more stories from my grand parents and i share the stories to my little ones at time i imagined myself as a grandmother they are listening my stories very eagerly and they liked so much. when i read that point my memories are came up.
At the age of 7 i am really scared about lightening, thundering and current off. when the powercut happens it make scare to my death. When i read this line it awaken my memories.
Toughest decision to pick that ‘one’ friend who would accompany us to distribute toffees to neighbouring classes this point also i came up i have two 2 best friend of my class8 i have more confussion whom i want to select to disturb chocolates a long fight also came between us….lots of memories are awake while seeing and reading those points.
Hiding chocolates and ice creams in the fridge from our siblings, this point also i done lot of memories are awaken while reading these lines.
Thankyou so much to give those memories back.

Thadishetti Priyanka

November 13, 2021

Loveable school days ❤❤?
enjoyed lot with my frieds, used to take the punishments , taking the stand as class leader.

Samuel Morris

November 13, 2021

Thank you for this amazing piece of writing. It did bring back a lot of beautiful memories, including both the funny and the embarrassing ones. These were my favorite ones: No school day, power off fun on, future rockstar in the house (embarrassing), nervousness*100, to escape the hawk-eyed, keeping it casual on birthdays.


November 13, 2021

yes. maintained a slam book

Meghna Gupta

November 13, 2021

future rockstar at home

C. Usharani

November 13, 2021

Memories I related to:
No_school day
It’s story time
Spot game
Element of coolness
Keeping it casual on birthdays.

Thank you so much byjus.

Ishpreet kaur

November 13, 2021

All the points seems to relate my childhood ?

Atish Vijaysing Pardeshi

November 13, 2021

I can relate all the stories means almost. Day dreamer, roaming in school campus in lecture time by taking permission for going to washroom, lauch time funny with friends, Lauch box sharing with friends etc


November 13, 2021

Memory I liked the most is OM NOM NOM IN THE CLASSROOM because we are backbencher and we daily finished our lunch in first period and In lunch time we spent our whole time in playing games.

Chaitra N

November 13, 2021

Power off means peak time for fun. Playing with candle hitting the flame with bare hand.


November 13, 2021

Seems really rejuvenating after seeing these things after a long time. Thanks for bringing it up!

Priyanka. M

November 13, 2021

Awww..! This just took me back to my schooling. I can truly relate to everything. Waiting for the birthday to flash through was the best experience I would ever forget. I still have my slam books and those memories are epic feelings even today. Every Monday would be a stomach pain or a headache day for me. lol! Anyways thank you so much for this fun quiz and for this nostalgic moment. Just wishing to get back to those golden days. #lifeatbyjus

Zainab Tamanna

November 13, 2021

story time and Who’s the toffee buddy?

Sharmistha Sen

November 13, 2021

To start with a big thank you for taking a flashback of all these little long lost happy moments of life?. All these made up my childhood and I miss them though in this busy to-do lists of life. However my most memorable moment was when I heard some loud; creepy and eager voice calling out my name at my house gate exactly at 5pm. My mom going out to ask for who it was and me running behind her already knowing it’s my colony friends Calling out for a shake and shampoo and catch me if you can game. The glimpse of smile to being energetic even with the last hour of day expecting something new for the next day. I wish everyone has something childish in them that gives a reason for them to take a break and feel the innocent part of life.❤️

Saket Verma

November 13, 2021

I can relate these memories of childhood and yes it was happy memories.
1 Nervousness x 100 ?
2.Long phone calls = scolding unlimited
3.Power off, fun on ?️

Rajat Bhardwaj

November 13, 2021

Power off, fun on ?️
Power cut meant screaming at the top of your lungs


November 13, 2021


Sheikh Aamir

November 13, 2021

Played a great inning in cricket, and my father cheered for me.


November 13, 2021

Felt vry happy by recollecting all the memories,really had a gud message in this, laughed a lot today’s tq

Thangapandian M

November 13, 2021


Khushboo khatri

November 13, 2021

Dreaming in our world
when teacher says that this is the worst class ever seen
Yours is the only class who is shouting in the whole school
When skirt length is above knees- This is your school not a fashion show


November 13, 2021

Spot game

Samrina shabha

November 13, 2021

The best schools days memory is distributing sweets during independence day expecting that teacher will give 2 sweets because we distributed to the entire class !! fun life!!

Jay Yadav

November 13, 2021

Felt nostalgic with all the past flashback in my mind.
Those were the best days of our lifes.


November 13, 2021

Power off, fun on ?️
Power cut meant screaming at the top of your lungs

Aditya Shrivastav

November 13, 2021

1. om NOM NOM in the classroom.
2.Keeping it casual on birthdays


November 13, 2021

Reducing work load.

Removing 0 from teachers comment – ” Write 10 times ” and not informing parents to teacher’s request for a call back 😉


November 13, 2021

nice all are done

Vitta ManojPhaniKumar

November 13, 2021



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